1.4 million Theta account

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Ikariam team

  • 1.4 million Theta account

    •Ingame Name- playa566

    •Total Score: 1,473,026

    •Military Score: 25,826 going to kill that off today though before switching hands

    •# of Colonies: 10


    • Looking for an active fighter only logs in every single day must be proven with some people vouching for you by sending me pms.
    Account must stay in the alliance no matter what agreement must be made to this should you quit etc account is to be handed back to my alliance.
    Should you quit the alliance and try to screw me account will be locked down by several people no matter who you join till you hand it back or go inactive.

    No Ghost / nobody affiliated with Ghost or even a friend of a Ghost member at any point in time of your history on Ikariam need apply.

    Well built account built for fighting easy to expand.

    Also must post your exp and why I should give you the account in this thread looking to hand it off asap so I can switch to my new account.
  • Would that be a request for the account Inglorious lol ?

    Im confused as to if you want it or not.

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  • playa566 wrote:

    Would that be a request for the account Inglorious lol ?

    Im confused as to you want it or not.

    Well you asked may requirements, and you know me my history precedes me and i have made a name for myself so i figured the name itself was more than enough..
    but i guess not lol

    but yeah i am interested a little about me............

    I am inglorious self proclaimed spam king and also a grammy winner for the movie "Inglourious Basterds" i am also the preincess of Canada though i dont have the legal paperwork to back it up nor the funds to attest such position.
    maybe ceaser angus,little monkey or monkey jr, or anyone else can vouch for me and also you can vouch for me but not sure that would work out :P

    oh yeah and also a name of a good trusted plummer, am leaving for work and i need someone i can trust to do some plumming while i am away from home, i am asking everyone :)
  • i want it friend i know GHOST very well my Alliance on Lamba is 3rd and its in war with 4 Alliances im a General so i have a lot of experience with that score i can bring down a whole server
  • Your name is plenty enough lol Inglorious just wanted to know if you wanted it or not.

    You can contact me on Theta or by pm here.

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  • playa566,

    I would like to apply for the account, I play 2 accounts, 1 on Gamma and one in Omrikon, i have alot of experience as i have played ikariam for about two years now. I have plenty of time on my hands now adays so i can assure you your account will be very well taken care of. I used to belong to an allience in Gamma called Legion at War which is an allience that fights alot, so i have plenty of battle experience. Please consider me for it.


  • playa566 dose Svana still play in GHOST or Dogofwar did you know that i pillaged there Alliance with my friends back on Zeta they wore in the 6st maybe 9nt place then + there wore other Alliances on there side and we still won i would like to do that again if you give me a chance you can ask Svana abauth this all of it is true they have a Alliance on Lamba too
  • What are the Miracles lined up with this bad boy?

    I play both NY and Omikron. Except not really on Omikron. I only log on daily to donate some wood, send out a pillage or two, and log off. NY's my main account. I've been trying to expand to a 3rd server as of late, to see if I can handle the pressure.
    Although my alliance's war ended over a week ago, my OS and DS attest to my ability to try and be everywhere at once in a war. I try not to rely on other alliance mates for help in building an army (Either via gold or sulfur), although sometimes you just run into 300k goods in a town that you have no other way to get rid of but through selling :P

    Mind you, these scores have dropped a bit since they peeked, and I don't use ambrosia.


  • hey how u doing i have bin playing for 3years and i never played theta like to try it out am on every day and love war will not leave alliance ever or ever trade this account in my life i am a 1.8mil eplsion i was number 1 in miltery untill i fought 4 guys and urban dont spam and keep my name out of ur mouth i dont trade any more
  • Hey, I Ido :)
    I'd love to get your account.
    I accept all the terms you've set in post-
    Although you listed it would be better to have people prove I'm active, I do not like the American server that I am new to it.
    I'm playing in Israel and I serve the Soviet diplomat Alpha is ranked 14.
    I am strong and active player in fact I have one friend that he could prove to you that I actively.
    I know there are those with a reputation much better than mine, but I'll provemy worth to the player.
    ido :)

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  • Soldier / JBF / ???

    Greetings again!

    Anyways , I got a great guy who is one of the top players in our country server , he doesn't have any account on US and he isn't registered on Board.I cannot PM you so please PM me so I can reply , I will give you an explanation how to contact him.I show him your account details and he is interested.Hope you will contact me and be careful with these guys ;)

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