Christmas Contest for the board

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Ikariam team

  • Christmas Contest for the board

    Sorry for being vague last night when I asked you, but I didn't want to give too much away if you didn't want to help.

    So here is the deal.

    Some images are needed for the Christmas Contest for the community. There will be different contests each day for 12 days ( 12 days of Christmas :P ) These will all have to be Ikariam based images. So grab them from the game, board, where ever, just as long as they are Ikariam based.

    We need two images for "Spot the Difference." One you will do nothing to and one needs to have 5 things different from the first.

    Another one will be "What's wrong with this Picture?" One image will be manipulated with some random things. There needs to be 6 things wrong with the picture.

    The last few are gonna be the same. There will be a Sudoku puzzle, crossword puzzle and a word search that will need to have an Ika-theme to them. Something like pillars for borders. I just thought of something while I was typing.....maybe have one look like a scroll or something....

    So pick one that you want to do, let me know, so I know who is doing what. We are starting the 10th like I said earlier, but she would like these done kinda quickly so we aren't scrambling around at the last minute.

    You guys are awesome for helping!!! :D
  • i just read this

    i will try to make one still looking for ideas though my brain is kinda empty right now..

    @matt what other stuff you making on this one my friend?