Possible Mod List suggestion

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    • Possible Mod List suggestion

      Well try number four since the boards love me....

      So was thinking of just resetting the Mod a game list and changing how we do it. Currently things are slow here and folks are waiting long periods of time to mod and a lot of time when it's their turn they are no longer available to mod or for whatever reason need to be skipped only to end up waiting longer an longer. Will be honest it was setup when we could go through games left n right due to lots of active players.

      This time of the year is slow with school, finals, travel, holiday's, etc etc. So what I am thinking is doing something like we have been with filler games. Put a sign up for say a beginner game, after game ends then and intermed game then another intermed game(after first one almost over) then an advanced and recycle through that. In the sign up thread you can ask to mod or play. If you are the mod then your name goes on the current Mod list.

      Then next game if you are the only one interested you can mod again but if someone else that has not modded yet then they get first dibs. This way folks should not have to wait as long as we keep games going right now while things are a bit slow.

      so thoughts/ideas/suggestions?
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    • If you mean approval to mod...as long as you have modded before or played enough we can tell what type of player/mod you are ....no. If someone brand new comes in then for anything above beginner I would say yes.

      If you mean setup, if you are going to do anything out of the ordinary it would be welcomed thing, the thing is with these games who ever mods will have to do with the folks that sign up no matter the number of folks signed up. So say you have a setup in mind but want 17 players and only 10 sign up...there would be no waiting around for 7 to show up out of no where and would have to work with the 10 folks signed up :P
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    • Yes, the list needs some renovation... and I think we may have to have a clearer way of actually running games, so like you said, have constant filler games, and throw in an Intermed/advanced game. When enough time has passed, make a beginner's game.

      Also, I think emphasizing that all skill levels are allowed in fillers, in case beginners want to join but missed signups for a legitimate beginner game.

      LegendaryKiller wrote:

      well i didn't want to do it, and then, next thing you know, i got zapped by a thezning!
    • Sounds workable to me. And in cases where a set number of players are needed for a particular setup (my advanced I've got waiting for my turn to mod, for instance, needs 10 players - no more, no less), then if the desired number of players don't sign up that mod could always run with something else.
    • Or what we could do is if they don't have enough people, then we could also push them back a few spots - unless they have another setup - and wait until more people are introduced to mafia.

      You see... The real problem is the lack of people even in this thread. There are... maybe 15 at max. Probably closer to 11-12. If we could find a way to, you know, get ourselves out more without seeming too negative (with the whole spamming thing), then perhaps we could have some of the more complex setups and even have 2 true games going at any set time. (Not trying to diss fillers in any way, but I mean some of the bigger, more planned games)... That would also make a more enriched experience for everyone.

      Also, I know I talked with you slightly about it in PM, Zullu, but I think I'll mention it here for everyone to see: I think that when we have a beginner game (like if Aj gets to mod his) that we limit the count of ICs (Inexperience Challenged, basically someone who knows completely what they're doing) based on how many people play, thus more beginners are able to play and wouldn't be overrun with all the complexities of the experienced (such as myself using WIFOM more often than not)

      Feel free to add, subtract, or do anything involving my post. I'm just putting all of these out there to hopefully help us have a better mafia experience.

      LegendaryKiller wrote:

      well i didn't want to do it, and then, next thing you know, i got zapped by a thezning!
    • I'm up for whatever allows me to play and mod more. :)

      That said, if you need someone to mod a filler game, I'd be keen to.

      I agree with Thez that we should limit the amount of ICs in beginner games. 1 (maybe 2) for 7 player games and 2 for 9 player games. Of course, I realize that sometimes the ICs were used to fill up the spots so that the game could start. We should have bendable rules so that games don't just get left hanging. I think that's the thing that hurts this section the most. If people sign up for a game which then never starts or takes weeks to get going, they lose interest and we lose them.

      I think that anyone who's volunteered to mod should have a backup plan ready in case they don't get the numbers they need to fill up their desired game. That way, a game still runs while interest is still high. I also think that signups should last a maximum of 1 week and then the game starts with however many we were able to get in that time. If it fills up sooner, great! But don't let it languish too long.

      Anyway, that's my two cents.
    • That is why i started the interest thread after Thez pmed me, to see if we have any new players wanting to play. As far as letting ICs sign up perhaps have them all sign up as back up/ fill ins. Thus if we need a few we just pull from that list if need be.
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    • What I'd like to know is, since I've been here since August, would I still need to mod a beginner's game first? It just seems like no one here is interested in them (personally, they are a bit dull). I could, with guidance, run an intermediate game, I believe.

      I do kinda like the new system, but new players (Like Zacharias, since he just signed up for the alert sheet) may be confused. In fact, as a beginner, I had no clue how to even join a game. That's how confusing the bulletins at the top are.
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    • I think we may have to have a clearer way of actually running games, so like you said, have constant filler games, and throw in an Intermed/advanced game. When enough time has passed, make a beginner's game.