332k Gamma, a 222k zeta and a 8k omikron for decent sized lambda or kappa

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Ikariam team

  • 332k Gamma, a 222k zeta and a 8k omikron for decent sized lambda or kappa

    The gamma :

    Player: Revenge
    Ally: I-C-E
    Points: 332,533
    Master builders: 217,059
    Scientists: 93,718
    Military: 8,908
    Gold stock: 12,435,706

    Has 6 towns , no corruption , can hold a really big military , all towns are above level 20 , there is 2 marble , 2 wine , 1 sulfur , and 1 crystal . all walls are above 20 besides 1 of my wine towns , currently working on it being a 20 , 160 trade ships .

    Zeta -

    6 towns , 3 marble , 1 wine , 1 sulfur , 1 crystal . All towns above level 20 besides crystal its a level 19 , 100 trade ships , walls are being upgraded to level 20's in the wine , crystal , and sulfur towns .

    Player: Revenge
    Ally: -
    Points: 222,085
    Master builders: 187,455
    Scientists: 18,121
    Military: 4,648
    Gold stock: 533,486

    can also hold decent military .

    Omikron -
    Player: Revenge15
    Ally: -HB-
    Points: 8,434
    Master builders: 4,943
    Scientists: 1,088
    Military: 303
    Gold stock: 217,253

    3 towns , 1 marble , 1 sulfur , and 1 wine . Every building in every town is level 10 with the exception of embassy's , GR's , and the palace , working on getting the 4th town , need crystal badly for upgrades to troops and Academy's , research - science: Cultural Exchange , Seafaring:Counterweight , Economy:Legislation , Military:Governor .

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  • Hello Revenge,

    So you want Lambda for them ? I got 600k+ Lambda , but I got few questions ;

    do they have any forges ?
    are the cities close or spread around ?
    do they have to stay with current alliance ?
  • Darth , do you want me to post screenshots of my account and prove that you are lying ?

    My account has 7k MS , not 1k.I did burn it down , area is very safe and I had no trouble at that time.Even now , I'm safe.My gold was low , because I used it to buy resources... But you can go into gold mode whenever you wish.Even now , with this proper MS account is saving good amount of gold.

    Should we discuss other points ?! My account has 9 cities , 10th. will be coming soon.I know what I was and what I am doing , so before comparing in crappy ways , think twice.Unlike you building higher MS because you think it will make you safe but honestly you have no idea how to fight at all...

    BTW Revenge , I changed my mind. I won't be exchanging.I was about to do it , but this legendary liar gave me a good idea what to do on Lambda.


    + your account wasn't transferred properly.I still receive messages on my email , so if I decide to contact support , you will lose it.

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