How to get into an alliance?

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    Ikariam team

    • How to get into an alliance?

      Hey guys
      Im an old returning player, and Im pretty rusted with some things.

      How can you send the aplication to join an alliance?
      I forgot for some reason.

      I´d appreciate your help

    • Go to the highscore section by clicking on the 'highscore' tab at the top of the page.

      Look to your left, it will say 'Alliance Highscore'

      Click on it.

      Find your desired alliance, click on it, then it should have an option on the left side of the page saying 'Contact diplomat' and 'apply' (not exactly sure of the wording...)

      I havn't changed alliances for a long time but from what i can remember this is how it was done :)

      Let me know if it doesnt work as i could be wrong :)
    • be awsome and wait for someone to invite you :P (joke)

      an easier way is to go to your embassy building (which you need to have to join an alliance) and click on the button at the bottom that sias search for alliance. pick one and send an app.