Wrong battlefield for Sea Battle?

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  • Wrong battlefield for Sea Battle?

    In order for your bug report to be processed and reported, you MUST include as much of the following information as possible!

    Please also note that screenshots are very important to the reporting process. Include them any time that you can, unedited. If you don't wish to put the information in the screenshot on the public boards, please contact an Admin or a Bugs Mod via board PM.


    Browser (eg, FireFox/IE/Safari/Opera/etc -- include the version!): Firefox 8.0.1 (Updated to 9.0.1 during the battle)
    Addons/extensions: Aviary
    Page where you experience the problem?: N/A
    When does it occur?: Combat

    Have you tried clearing the cache and cookies?: N/A

    Server: Omikron
    Ingame name: Wildfire
    User ID (from Options > Game Options > Debugdata): 10
    City name: Polis

    If combat related, please also provide the combat ID and a timeframe:


    Full description of the problem (Be detailed!):

    As you can see, the sea garrison limit for this town is 300, yet with a fight of over 330 ships, the small battle field is still in use. Note that I (the town owner) am not actually involved in the battle.. it's an alliance mate attacking to free the port.

    Is this a bug? Or some lack in my understanding of the garrison limit rules?

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  • A "garrison" would be the units assigned to a fort, town, base, etc., the units that are protecting it. Garrison has a few other related meanings but all are defense related. So the garrison limit only applies to units stationed in the town, as Rex pointed out.

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  • Ahhh, that explains it. Is that a recent change, or specific to sea battles? That's not the was land battles work (at least last time I had a land battle that big)