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  • Member complaint

    Ok, here's the problem, I received a complaint from Tersy, saying that she was getting a bit annoyed at Griggs because of his attitude in the section... since I was also getting a bit annoyed, I decided to start a private discussion with him, on how he was not helping out the FaHe section, by being overly complainant and arrogant... here is the disscussion we had, the whole of it... hope you can help me out here... he won't listen to me...

    My message to him:

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    We need to talk a little...

    I realise that you weren't happy with the renders in this SOTW,
    so I thought I might disscuss a few points with you regarding what you
    feel is fair/unfair and what is right/unright like men... and not just
    bicker back and forth like little girls in the SOTW discussion thread...

    My first point is simple, this Fa section's goal is quite simple, to a-
    encourage new people to get into GFX b- help people who are already in
    it to improve... and c- To have some fun and enjoy something with
    "like-minded" people...

    It might surprise you, but when I was just a noob at, I had a
    very similar line of thought as you do now... except your not
    necessarily new at GFX... (i.e. I don't need tutorials, I don't need
    FaHe's to govern what I do here, I should have a say in everything that
    happens here, I don't need CnC...) The list goes on and on and on... I
    am not trying to put you down, I love your work, it's amazing, but I
    think that if you try to help us and don't argue all the time, life here
    would be much easier and a more fun atmosphere...

    I promise I will pay more attention to your requests and yor comments, if you start to work more with us, not against us...

    PS: Tuorials ARE extremely crucial... I've never followed a sig tutorial
    in my life... but what I have done is I have learnt the tools of
    Photoshop by trying out small things people do in their tuts, I agree
    it's great if you don't constantly copy someone, but I still think that
    using advice someone gives you is very usefull

    Best Wishes


    His rude message back:

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    RE: We need to talk a little...

    May I ask how old you are, Mat? I'm just curious.

    My reply to that:

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    RE: RE: We need to talk a little...

    That topic is not one I feel will help if we go into, I am under
    18, if that's what you want to hear... but I would never judge someone
    by their age, rather by their maturity, take this from someone once
    mistaken for being in his forties or fifties...


    His long list of how I am imature, and not a suitable FaHe:

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    RE[3]: We need to talk a little...

    Your level of maturity lead
    me to that implicative question. You as a Fan Art Helper are supposed to
    be respectful (in the FA Section); however, you showed a lack of
    respect so far:

    • When I said that both renders don't look military-like to me the other day, you told me, "GRIX, work with what you have." However, you are not suppossed to give me orders.
    • Then,
      after I explained what military meant to me, it would have been better
      to acknowledge my complaint -- especially without saying "get over it". As I already told you, that didn't leave behind a good impression either.
    • Now,
      you said you might discuss a few points with me regarding what I feel
      is fair/unfair and what is right/unright like men. However, there's
      nothing to discuss about my subjective opinion. I say what I feel is
      fair and right, and when you don't agree, that is still no discussion --
      that is you disapproving of my opinion. Yet, you as a Fan Art Helper
      are supposed to be respectful, which -- of course -- includes respecting
      my opinion.
    • You want to "help people (...) to improve".
      But have you ever considered that not everyone is interested in your
      help? I, personally, am kind of getting annoyed because you are
      repeatedly telling me to do some tutorials. Please, finally respect that
      I don't want to do tutorials.
    • Also, in this conversation you were implying that my opinion would be something like "I don't need FaHe's to govern what I do here, I should have a say in everything that happens here, I don't need C'n'C".
      That is really a lot of BS coming from you, and not at all my opinion.
      In contrast to what you implied, I believe that (1) I am allowed to
      complain to Fan Art Helpers; that (2) I as a member of this community
      should be allowed to voice my opinion, that doens't meant I want a say
      in everything; and (3) I often asked for C'n'C so far (even more often
      than you); so don't ever say I'd think I'd not need C'n'C. On a side
      note, I -- in fact -- don't need C'n'C, but I do ask for it anyway
      because I normally like to read criticism of my artwork.
    • You
      even went so far as to say that I'd work against you, while -- in
      reality -- I try to improve this community; I even work for this
      community as a Sig Shop owner. When I do negative criticism, then not to
      "work against you", but only to show you that I as a member of this
      community feel that you are going wrong with something, to show that
      change is needed.


    PS: Remembering that you are like 13 or 14 years old, I laughed when I read your comment on "discuss[ing] (...) like men".

    My final reply, which I just sent:

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    RE[4]: We need to talk a little...

    I just want you to know, that as a FaHe, people have PMed me with
    direct complaints towards you... I would suggest you either change the
    way you act in this section, or leave it... as you are too stuborn to
    change your way of thought, I will not discuss with you any more... I
    will take this to the other FaHes and discuss it with them... thankyou
    for replying to my messages.


    Hope you can help me out... thought ya'll should know what's happening behind the scenes...

  • His Final complaint to me, threatening to take this to the "admins"... I hope that you DRk can explain to him that you are the admin in charge of this section and can deal with the problem...

    Display Spoiler
    RE[5]: We need to talk a little...

    People have always
    complained about me. That doesn't change anything. As long as I don't
    break the rules, everything is fine. Period.

    I think the problem here is that you as a FA Helper have to be
    respectful. As a FA Helper you can't say everything you could say as a
    normal user. I as a user only have to walk the line (not breaking the
    rules). In contrast to that freedom, your attitude towards users is
    supposed to be friendly and as objective as possible.

    So don't blame me. I have freedom, I can use it.

    And lastly, would you care to elaborate which "way of thought" I
    don't want to change? Because, from what you said, this (to me unknown)
    way of thought seems to be the reason why you don't want to discuss
    with me anymore.


    PS: The next time you call me "stuborn", I will talk to the admins about it. And by the way, it is stubborn (with double b), not "stuborn".