63k Omikron

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Ikariam team

  • A well built Omikron, located in th 58:59 area of the map. Five town's 2 marble(Ares, Poseidon), 1 wine(Foge), 1 sulfur(Poseidon), 1 crystal(Colossus). In the alliance -BH- and MUST stay there. All applicants will PM me noting all their experience and an in depth knowledge of the combat system is a must(some proof would also be nice. Screen shots ect).
    Total score: rank 324
    Master Builders: 390
    Building levels: rank 267
    Scientists: rank 195
    Lvls of Research: rank 114
    Military: rank 309( can go up to 3k MS at the moment)
    Gold Stock: 248k
    OP's: rank 157
    Trader: rank 771
    Resources: rank 455
    Donations: rank 576
    I will decide who gets it in a week's time. Trader's need not apply.
  • tomo give it to leadership. We'll found a good person!!

    Thank you Carter & Crosswind

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