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    • Episonage Folders x

      Espionage Folders

      It will be great if the spy reports could be a bit more organized instead of all them just been bundle up with no sequence. It will make it a lot easier, if once one were to send a spy into someones town and if the spy enters the town successfully, it will than automatically create a folder for more espionage reports to follow coming from that same player.

      What I imagine is if one were to click on a spy report (the first report would be if successful : Your spy has arrived in -----) with the players name. Once the report is clicked, if one were to have done more espionage on the player a list of all the spy reports one has done on that player will display for a period of time already set with the game (when the reports delete), it will be much more efficient and organize. A simple way to making the hideout usage much easier.


      Target | town | Island |Mission | Results | Date

      Bongsha | Blah1 |The Blahs | Blah1 | [00:00] Your spy has arrived in --- 0/3 0/0 27.01.201 21:15:46

      And a list of reports will drop if more were to being done.

      Note: it will be like the typical spy report we see in our hideouts right now as i know that one up there looks a bit jankie.
    • That would be great! With the folders with the most recent missions on top I suppose.
      This one is perfect, dare I say ready to go straight to suggestions. Doesn't alter the game, just makes it more organized.
    • He probably won't. He usually knocks down ideas that are a) game-changing, b) too minor and/or useless. I hate it when my hideout is flooded. This actually has a great purpose.
    • Gjones wrote:

      That would be great! With the folders with the most recent missions on top I suppose.

      With the most recent on top of-course :)

      *MOD could you add poll, I don't seem to have the option to add one at this time.

      The post was edited 1 time, last by Victor Caesar: spelling ().

    • I'm on the fence. I see the point to this but I remember another idea that is literally suggesting the same thing and it crashed and burned. The space that is needed for this is not a major issue, it would be rather minor but the key point that I see in this is the whole why factor. Anything past 3-4 hours is useless to use in a war and lets face it, spy reports are most needed in wars. I'm not really for it but I'm fairly organized myself. For this idea you're between a one and a two. I cant say that this will be helpful enough to put in the game when the reports are only around fora week or so as it is. If you were suggesting this for ambrosia users and the reports they saved I would understand.

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      spaPOT wrote:

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    • I was the one that suggested it before, and it did not crash and burn, everyone liked the idea not a single person did not. The difference between the one now and the one before is that here im explaining it a bit more profound.
    • unless I was too baked last night, I'm fairly sure that you were not the first and I promise you that I wouldnt have given the idea a 5,4, probably not even a 3 the first time because of what I already said.

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      spaPOT wrote:

      no worriess..you see im a kid thats why im dumb..kuku :pillepalle:
    • "3/5 for now,

      If I read it right it sounds like an okay idea, unneeded but okay. If I did not then I'll edit it accordingly but I don;t have the time to right now. " -Bamcbix

      Cant says my last statement about none one not liking is true anymore, as it seems someone changed there vote..
    • I gave you an initial rating based on first thoughts and edited and revised. I do that with many useless ideas. Nothing new or surprising. Even now I gave you a 1 from my first post and if anything will edit it downward.

      BTW, I gave your idea a 2 the last time. If it was not passed on then I see absolutely no reason to re-suggest the same exact thin hoping for different results.

      The only difference between the one you did the first time and the one your doing now is your helping those that are too stupid to figure out what your saying and those people will never use it anyways.

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      Love is like air, without it... I die.

      spaPOT wrote:

      no worriess..you see im a kid thats why im dumb..kuku :pillepalle:
    • You can already sort spy reports alphabetically by town name and by owner name, both forward and backwards, which is practically as good as putting them in a folder, if you can find them. Also by island coordinates and by mission. The problem is you can only go through your reports from one end or the other, one page of 20 reports at a time. I have 508 spy reports right now, so that is 26 pages. If I want all the reports from a town or owner whose name begins with A or Z, that is not a problem to get. Or if I am looking for reports from a town that is far to the west or east. But if it is in the middle of the alphabet, I might have to sort in the direction I think is best, and then click through ten pages of reports to get the ones I want, and the link to the next page is at the bottom of the page, so I have to scroll down to click for the next page before I can click. Often ten or a dozen times. But I don't think putting them in folders is necessarily the way to go, because if you want to look at your recent reports, you would have to open folders to do that. Just giving us links for each page on the bottom of the page would be good enough. Then I could sort alphabetically by owner, then go to page 17 directly, and if I guessed way too far, I could try page 13 next.
    • This would be helpful, especially when attacking many different towns with the name Polis for example. However I do agree after so much time the reports do become useless.
    • bamcbix wrote:

      Your right, its not a good idea because its stupid to add.

      A mess of folders for every spy report? Yes. Being able to organize the stuff you saved with ambrosia? Not really. I don't see the point in trying to organize all the reports, because I usually delete them in a matter of hours, but organization for reports saved with ambrosia wouldn't be a bad addition. Just my 2 cents.

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