Playing from Phone

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    Ikariam team

    • I can't wait for the app if there is one. You see when you use a smart phone it sometimes doesn't position the buttons properly and things generally don't run as smoothly as they do on a computer browser. Once the app comes out it would make it a lot easier to do almost anything and I look forward to it! :D
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    • Yes, I am also looking forward to this app/mobile version and I hope it will fix current problems with some features. Mobile screen is not proportional to computer screen and that why some buttons are not where you see them and some texts overlay each other. I have also noticed that I can't invite friends from facebook(my friends don't recieve invitation) and that I can't connect newly created account to facebook via mobile phone. However, I can still log in via facebook.
    • Mr Chips wrote:

      can i pLay using PSP

      I have the original PSP and can check to see if the browser works tomorrow (it's nearly 1am here and i gotta dig it up), not sure if that will help.
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    • i have sent tickets everytime i play by phone, my blackberry is pretty good but it is a bit slow. i use it for ikariam only when i cant finish at home because like i said blackberry is ssssllllloooowwww :w00t:
    • I actually have been playing on my iphone for 2 years, never had an issue, I try not to fight wars on my phone, but i will if i have no choice. It has always worked perfectly. Not sure why some of you guys say that the first problem is you're playing on a smartphone, I actually play more on my phone than my computer.
    • well yeah i know i just do not like it but i had a buddy in kappa that played forever on his phone and he is 5 million ts 3rd ranked in the server in ts until he gave his account away