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    Ikariam team

    • It's a simple button you click, and since bam and Bugmeat never make mistakes, they would never have to see it, and therefore it is doing more help than harm.

    • i have done this once I think. A year and a half of playing, one mistake. Seriously sucked when I did make no mistake, lost a very large and profitable sale.

      but the occasional mistake is not worth an additional screen and an additional click.
    • @rth: it's occasional for you coz you're just in ecomode... try playing the war game on this war-based game.
      There is nothing either good or bad... but thinking makes it so.

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    • actually this game is not war-based..... its an addon to the game if you want to be technical.

      Now, I will agree that an occasional mistake is what it takes but I would like to say that if we are going to have this then why not ask for something that tells you, based on your army, what to send to this persons town and that persons town? take the human out of the game and just see whos computer, which is based on the same exact thing, will win.

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      spaPOT wrote:

      no see im a kid thats why im dumb..kuku :pillepalle:
    • @bam
      I think what Etherion is trying to imply here is, he (pertaining to rth) shouldn't focus too much on economy. He should try to make the game balanced and have a way to manage his military, for him to experience the problem WE HAD EXPERIENCED with that back button function in the game. Etherion didn't mean that Ikariam was purely on war-based game, I think.

      I think we've heard enough from you, but same criticism from you are posted here all over and over again. :pooryou: Attention Deficit I guess? :lol: This ain't a spamboard :pff: If you have a better idea, (just what I've told you on my previous post), create your own suggestion. And if you have something negative on this idea, better be straight, and tell us clearly what your intentions for it and the reason for being so. Work on your grammar dude. Shame for an American who can't even speak his own language, if you are one. :whistling:

      :stayontopic: shall we? :blablabla:

      Any reaction/s to what Etherion have posted about putting this thing in the Option Menu? This is his point, we'll have a choice, whether we would like this Confirmation button to be enabled or not. I think, this idea would be beneficial to both parties - pro's and con's. Enabling it would make the Back button function under the Military Tab, having a Confirmation button appear (it would be in a form of pop-up / text box) and Disabling it would make the Confirmation button - not to appear.

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    • Flaming, Trolling, interesting, interesting.

      I don't know what its like in the Philippines, homes, but you're starting to smoke a lil' bit too much of them trees and not drinkin' enough to get your senses in check. You know what I love, people that are going to be hypocritical. You've spammed how many ideas and now you are asking em to limit my posts here, I don't think you are a mod, I know that its against the rules in the US rule book for backseat modding, essay, but let me ignore your ignorance, I'm good at that - yet to tell any of you to go stick a knife up your :censored: and wiggle it around a bit - now, since your confused, lets read English, you are literate, correct?
      ... try playing the war game on this war-based game.
      hmm... nope, obviously he did not mean, based on his own English, that this game is a war-based game *notes sarcasm for those that are handicapped*

      Moving on, since obviously somebody has only skimmed what I've said, they need to re-read and see that new points have been made in every post that I've made, spamming is not that and, I'll refer you to a dictionary.... you have those where you are, correct? No need in creating a suggestion, its not needed for one of your four useless ideas, they have yet and they will not be implemented, at least not based on the results that you've failed to receive thus far and based on your percentages, as you will not be making it to the top rated ideas section based on one, your failure to answer any counterpoints brought up, two, your overall rank, three, your idea itself.

      Allow me to be clear and tell you that my clearly marked intentions are only partially marked on your thread, I have more points to make but thus-far you have not answered half of what I've brought up. I'm sorry but if you are going to backseat mod, at least do it with the correct information to do such as you have not made a point. I'm going to ask you to work on your grammar as well, it sucks, you have no sentence structure, you have failed in adding the correct punctuations, you have failed to even use the correct times to add periods and when you could add something like a coma.

      This is great, now, after telling me to basically piss off, you are asking me to comment on somebody's idea... I believe it is your responsibility to comment on them, I have a choice, this is, after all, your thread and not mine, you are the one to MONITOR, not MODERATE, it surprising what a few letters can do when it comes down to the meanings of words, correct, mate? I'll answer his when I think I need to, perhaps after you do and not when you avoid the comment like you do with nearly all of mine.

      Here are three things that you can do and by doing them, you are answering partially three larger questions that are based on all of my posts, not all of them but three larger ones -

      What do we need?

      What do we want?

      What will work?

      Simple questions however, you cannot honestly answer all of them, congratulations.

      Hell, lets make it four.

      What will make the game better?

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      Love is like air, without it... I die.

      spaPOT wrote:

      no see im a kid thats why im dumb..kuku :pillepalle:
    • I'm not moderating, I'm just telling what is best for this thread and not talking about non-sense things or pointless views. Piss*d off I see :lol: Chill and have a :havecookie: then. :sadbye: :love:

      Etherion's message could mean what HE DOESN'T LITERALLY MEAN. It doesn't mean he wrote it already, would actually mean that he intend it to be. Maybe, he could have mean it figuratively. But I maybe wrong as well, but as I see it, it was the way he intended to be: to not focus much on his economy mode and try having a military style in his game, for him to be able to find out or feels like to experience such mistake in the back button function, like we did.

      I'm not a moderator nor a game operator etc. Now I have the trigger, I'll point the gun at you, are you? You speak as if, you were.
      :grumble: :admire:

      bamcbix wrote:

      you have not answered half of what I've brought up.

      Why? Have you asked me anything in your previous posts? Why don't you find for yourself if you really asked me one. And if there is any, I should have read yours, my mistake. If that was the case, considered that I added you in my ignore list then. :pirateread:

      bamcbix wrote:

      What do we need?
      What do we want?
      What will work?
      What will make the game better?

      You got four bullets for me, but I've only got one for you: Why bother ask, if your not interested?

      The point is, why bother write here in this thread with pointless views? Is it, so that you would get so much attention? oO ..Or you could just be plain and simple and criticize my idea or you could just give good feedback about this situation as to how it could be done; rather than posting a message like this:"I don't like this idea, because I just don't like the idea and I would contradict on every single post here that would agree on him, for me to have a fans club" :lol: Don't worry I'll help you to get some.

      To all:

      Any feedback from Etherion's idea?

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    • would you like me to be a mod? that'd be a field day for me considering what section I'd ask for.

      What he doesnt literally mean... LOL you're going to comment about my English and now, you are going to say that his english is correct because it is what he doesnt mean that I should be reading. No.

      I'm sorry that you are unable to answer my questions, let me ignore you, not literally but for now as you're obviously useless to converse with.

      As for the other idea, that would basically negate this, a confirmation button is for everybody, you cannot have an option to turn it off. perhaps instead, people can think with their heads and no their arses

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      Love is like air, without it... I die.

      spaPOT wrote:

      no see im a kid thats why im dumb..kuku :pillepalle:
    • bamcbix wrote:

      would you like me to be a mod? that'd be a field day for me considering what section I'd ask for.

      You don't have to, because its seems your acting to be one now. :grumble: :popcorn: Haven't took your daily dosage, I guess, huh? :run:_______:chillpill:

      I don't have to contest every single thing you've said. The level of our thinking is way too far from each other, and I won't put myself to that degree of yours. I just want to thank you for spamming in here and for adding spice in this thread. Happy? :cynical: Maybe one of these days, I would create a thread especially made just for you. It would be posted at spam board - for your fans, if there is any. ^^


      Moving on, I have other suggestion to add on. How about this, the confirmation button only appears if you had several withdrawal/back button on your military tab? Lets say for example, about 7 and above. I guess that would be sufficient. Or does anyone would still agree on Etherion's idea? (I personally like Etherion's idea, I'm just suggesting an alternative one.) Can't wait to hear feedbacks from you guys.

      Keep on supporting and voting! :thumbsup: Feel free to suggest, for the progress/development of this topic ^^ Pointless views are not welcome :thumbdown:

    • @PH

      Although not the same it is similar in the execution, so my point still stands.

      This added screen will change nothing and more importantly, does NOT guarantee that nobody is not going to make the same mistake EVEN with this idea of yours, so this too stands in my post. If it was bullet proof I would agree, but it is not..therefore renders the idea obsolete.

      For the rest, we all have the ability to concentrate when we do stuff, if we dont, we make mistakes, mistakes have a price, it is part of the game, if you want to avoid mistakes simple dont make them. It isnt the responsability of GF to make sure you do not make mistakes, especialyl that there is no certainty you will not make said mistake despite the thousands warnigs.

      For the rest, I do not need to read further, anything related, within this topic, to an added *confirmation button* is useless.

      I stand by my vote....0/5

    • hey, I have experienced it-and the mistake is made the same way in military or trade (and i've got pretty far in this military game for not using military-i always try to play a game without one of it's element-like no items in final fantasy).

      At the time I was really wishing that I could press "turn around" after i had pressed "turn around" to make it go the way I intended. Perhaps if you are coming from your city, or from an occupied city, you can still reverse the course of your ships after they were reversed once?
    • To make both sides happy why not make a confirmation toggle in the options menu.
      That's what I said :D
      There is nothing either good or bad... but thinking makes it so.

      CottonCandyLoverChopper (Pet) 50 Beri...Kokutei Roseo Michieri!
    • Notifications before hitting the white flag.

      Everyone has done it, well...those who fight. Accidentally pressing the wrong white flag. This happens during waving or simply going too quickly.

      This can lose you wars. It's irritating and there must be a message before the final retreat asking the player if they are sure, just to clarify.
    • why's it here?

      Because repeats now just get tacked on to other topics where the same thing was already suggested.

      And like I said nearly a year ago, all the extra confirmation clicks would be annoying. Far more so than a rare mistake. Pay attention to what you're clicking and mistakes rarely happen. Even when I do make a mistake on recalling a wave when I clicked it I was sure it was the right one so I would have just clicked away the confirmation box anyway, like most people.

      This would really only help people who had no intention of recalling any units but somehow managed to click the recall flag anyway. And really now, how often does that happen? Certainly not often enough for everyone else to have to bother with a confirmation box day in and day out.