Same Island Resources Shipping x

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    Ikariam team

    • Challenging is Good

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      • FIGHT!
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      Neat idea but i give it zero for a very indirect reason. many suggestions now adays seem to be trying to make the game easier and i personally enjoy a challenge. whats the fun in it if its easy.
    • Same Island Resources Shipping

      Ok so not sure if this has been talked about or not but i was too lazy to go look for it but i was just moving resources from one town to another, but the towns are on the same island... so i think instead of having to use ships you should be allowed to have another choice and have your citizens carry them or something like that. It could take longer or whatever but if someone is in need of ships and they dont want to use it for the same island shipping i think it could help. Plus if some people dont have this, it wouldnt hurt them at all.

      Will gladly take criticism or suggestions on how you feel about this! :)