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  • DrkAngel wrote:

    ...I haven't really been inspired to do anything lately...
    Don't I know that feeling, 'tis why I haven't updated my thread/dA since 23rd...nothing new to show since I keep scrapping my works :mad: - but I got to use the new smileys!

    As for the tag, it looks like there are still some white outlines around the render - could erase those, or either cover them up with another layer. Maybe replacing the wireframe that appears to be on top of the render layer with some other different effect too (like explosive/smudge), but that's personal preference. Top left corner, the c4d? doesn't seem to blend as well - smoke, grunge, scratch effects might make it look more seamless.

    Trying not to be too harsh, but I always feel like I am :frown: . But anywho, looks really nice, the piece next to his left arm in particular caught my eye since it smooths out into the white and back in.
  • I like the tag Drk, more please :eyeroll:

    I have to disagree with Tersy as far as wireframes are concerned, I actually liked those. I think they create nice color balance, preventing the bottom left corner from being too dark or plain, and sort of reflecting the right part of the image a bit. Good use of c4ds and good work on the background. Yeah the white outlines are a bit visible. I can't seem to decide what I think about the c4d piece in the top left corner.. thinking about it lol. Great job otherwise.
  • Nice... but the left side is full with effects/C4Ds... etc...etc... and the right is kinda plain... here's a similar piece by Sanc... maybe try to look at things he's done here and apply them to your work...

  • mat!! How ya been??

    Yea....it was hard trying to find something to put there....everything I tried, just didn't work. :( I wish sanc would make a tut with one of his tags. His works are always awesome.

    And I need to cut the main images out of the background, it can be so time consuming though. And I can't seem to ever get the hair to look right either. But practice, makes perfect, so I think I'm gonna try on my next one though (of course, gonna avoid one with hair! :P)
  • Again... nice job, but some improvements needed... burn the far edges of the first a bit, with shadows as the type of burn... but now... I'm just gunna try and brain damage you with info on text... lots of people need it... so I'll post it up here...

    1- The purpose of text... text has many different purposes when used in art... sometimes it is to make a thought you tried to put in the art more clear... and sometimes it is to sign the art... or put you, the artist, in that piece... make you a part of your creation... if you're a christian like me... you can relate it to the fact that God made man in his image... he put his signature on the world, the universe... basically... he put a piece of him, into his art/creation... so when making art you want to make the text a part of the art, I will stress this point in note 2:

    2- Incorporating text into art, making it part of the art is not easy... and not to be taken lightly, as a great graphics designer once said "Spend as much time making your text as you do making the rest of your art..." Quote Drunken Budha, GFXR, 2012 So... you may be wondering, how can I make my text part of my art, and the answer to that is in point 3:

    3- Making your text part of the art piece is not simple... until you realize it actually is... "blending" your text into your art is simple but takes time. Another important thing is that with text you can be extremely creative... just because I say it needs to blend in, doesn't mean you're limited and can't be creative... on the other hand it allows you to stretch your abilities and look at creative ways to do text... It's all part of this three part diagram I use when I make text:

    4- Okay... now for the tips for achieving the above:

    1- NEVER STROKE MORE THAN 1 PIXEL... I learnt this and it helped alot... only stroke if you have small text... and only do it at 1... and it will help alot...

    2- Place text "in" the tag... behind things... in front of other things...etc..etc... kinda like in Sanctified's Hulk tag...

    3- outer glows... nononoooooo

    4- Use colors from the tag... if using gradient overlay... use similar colors...

    5- Simple fonts... no need to have swirly or overly puffed out text... stick to simple and appropriate text*

    6- *Appropriate text... text that fits the theme of the tag/art...

    7- Text goes with the flow of the art...

    8- Don't be afraid to try new things

    9- Just because a certain technique looks good in one person's art doesn't mean it will in yours

    10- Have Fun and be patient... good text doesn't come immediately! Give it some time!


    PS: Thanks... happy I can help ;)
  • 1st. Well I don't think the renders that great, made the sig boring with just black.

    2. I think you did too much hard mix, the render looks weird and the sig is empty.

    3. Everything great but the render is poor quality.

    4.th wonderful :D

    Thank you Carter & Crosswind

    There's a difference between bravery and stupidity - Cookie Monster
    With a bit of creativity there is always another option - Cookie Monster
    You can get beginners luck, but the rest is all you - Cookie Monster

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  • Cookie Monster wrote:

    1st. Well I don't think the renders that great, made the sig boring with just black.

    2. I think you did too much hard mix, the render looks weird and the sig is empty.

    3. Everything great but the render is poor quality.

    4.th wonderful :D

    I would have to agree, but some of my personal opinions.

    1. A better render would have been suitable, but the background and the colors used might have made the sig look better.
    2. The sig does look a little but wierd, maybe you should have decreased the opacity of the hard mix layers used.
    3. Maybe a high pass would have done it, or a sharpen.
    4. Excellent, and the new drawing tablet, i envy you. :)
  • 1. Now that I see it, I think the "take me to your leader" needs a different color....
    2. This one was a challenge. He wanted a warrior on fire and I couldn't find any image. So I found a tut that showed how to make someone look like they were on fire. That in itself what difficult. Which is where the hard mix comes in to play. Probably could have softened it up a bit though.
    3. I tried looking for a better image and failed. :(
    4. Still loving my tablet :)

    Here is another request....

  • Amazing tag, and I like how it blends in with the background. Although, a little decrease in brightness and increase in contrast would have been like 3 percent better, but that's just my personal opinion.
  • Hi DA!
    Your sigs are amazing, but I have to agree with Cookie and Olympus.

    The text looks great, but I think that in some of the sigs, the colors doesnt match...

    And Im totally understand u.. I haven't really been inspired to do anything too, 3 weeks ago.
    But then, I watch tuts, watch people's sigs, and some tuts about text..
    Then I started to create a sigs, using those tuts.

    After a while I started to combine sigs tuts, and it was amazing.

    You should try this..

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  • Nice tag! I love the snow and all u emphasized on the tag. But maybe u would try to decrease a little bit of lighting on her hat (but that's just personal opinion). Maybe make her face a little bit brighter (again, personal opinion). But other than that, u continue to amaze me.