The Ability to Create Alliance Medals & Hand Them Out x

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    Ikariam team

    • MasterChief 117 wrote:

      but before going the the idea has to be considered in the first place which is where yours is stuck

      What if we made it part of the alliance forum? have a preset sub forum that rosters the members names into a table with the assigned medals next to the name. on a plus you can make a rank for that can edit the alliance forum and thus have someone in charge of keeping track of achievments and handing out the medals.

      And yet again, you can manually add this into your alliance forum. GF is not going to add this in BECAUSE you can do it yourself and people won't start suggesting more. If they added this in especially with how lame sauce your medals are, people are going to beg for more and more and more so why would they even add them in in the first place? Without any specific need, their is no point. What do these add in? lets see........


      Oh yeah, nothing. Some alliances ranks already reflect these medals and that REALLY makes them useless beyond belief.

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      spaPOT wrote:

      no see im a kid thats why im dumb..kuku :pillepalle:
    • you just stated that it could be added as a sub section in the alliance forum. Well, GF created the alliance forum so that it is under the ALLIANCE'S control. Hence, you just admitted that this could be manually done. Why waste GF's time?

      Note, GF stands for game forge. :eyeroll:
    • lol what is this debate class? :P (sigh) u people and your win lose mentality.

      i know what GF stands for lol

      you can make a subforum for posting medals (albeit in text only). what i was suggesting was a format to said forum including graphics.

      like i said before im not gonna say no to the idea but would understand if it didn't get passed.

      someone aught to suggest fixing this horrid GUI :lolbash: . that we most definitely need.

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