Bold/Italic/Underline options incorporated into in-game messages x

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Ikariam team

  • If you'd like to do color coded messages - per pre-defined rands, you'll need to submit that as a separate suggestion. This suggestion is merely for the addition of using BBCode in game.


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  • I like the idea well done but I have a question since check is leaving ikariam so how will answer any question or check his idea? :?: :?:

    Edit: I forgot the to give it 5/5 Well done

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  • The threads are molded into one, for the most part anybody can answer your questions since BBCode is fairly basic.

    I can't vote this idea up, The in-game messages were not created for that type of thing and its not important in the slightest way to chane the entire way messages work. It also has a good chance at getting annoying.

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  • It may actually depend on your playing style and the alliance style. If the alliance tends to send a lot of messages, or get into a lot of conflicts, you don't have to waste time into reading every single one. Majority of the alliance have a lot of circulars, just think of it as a type of filter.