'Ghosting' banned vaction mode

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  • 'Ghosting' banned vaction mode

    As im sure alot of people are aware on rho.
    near the centre cluster there is lost of vaction mode people who are banned
    on my starting island there are 11 such of these players
    and there is no ability for me to colonise everywhere

    to solve this issue many people have said just delaeate or ban these accounts and the suggestions have been shut down
    so why not just ghost them like you do with the inactives. assuming that after such a said time been banned once the ban is over they act like unattackable inactives that follow the same principle as inactives just wihtout been attacked, where after so many days they just leave or get ghosted from the island, when they return, they refollow the same principle of a ghosted city as well.

    this way it doesnt affact the dead end rules surrounding the player. and the account while allowing for exspansion and growth
  • Zero - Isn't the reason obvious? Whoops, this GO, SGO whoever just messed up and your account has been ghosted.... now your empire is ruined.. sorry. If they come back, they come back if not, you gotta wait just like any regular VM-er.

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    spaPOT wrote:

    no worriess..you see im a kid thats why im dumb..kuku :pillepalle:
  • 5 because bambie's explanation sucks

    @topic creator, add some details coz some low IQed person may not understand what you are trying to say.

    i got your point ^^ plus this can add profit to GF

    if 0 nothing will happen lol
  • hmm... slowly remembering why I put you on ignore... because you're a bloody idiot. I think my drunk typing and reasoning are much better than your sober typing but thats besides the point... what you should do is have somebody sit down with you, pop2pop and explain what is being said in the suggestion and being said in my reply. After all of that, you should have your teacher, tutor whatever sit down and type the reply for you as it would make the world a much better place for that period of time.

    Please try to stay more on topic, bam. Posting like this is Spam - BFF

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    Love is like air, without it... I die.

    spaPOT wrote:

    no worriess..you see im a kid thats why im dumb..kuku :pillepalle:
  • The reason the idea keeps getting shut down is because what you are asking is for something that is already implemented. Banned accounts with Ambrosia are ghosted the same as every other account on the server. Banned accounts without Ambrosia are deleted instead.

    There's nothing that we can do about accounts that went inactive/banned prior to the update that changed this, but you're asking for something that is already implemented.


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