What Makes an Alliance Great?

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    • What Makes an Alliance Great?

      I'm starting this thread for two reasons. One: I just started my own alliance, Revolution, and I'd like to make it as good as it could possibly be. And two: I'm incredibly bored right now.

      So, I think it comes down to holding onto members who actually participate within the alliance. How to do this? By getting a bunch of members who you know will participate in the alliance. If an alliance is active, more people will be attracted to it, and thereby increasing the alliance's rank. However, like my external page states, an alliance also depends upon the growth of it's members.
    • For me what makes an alliance Great is how active and coordinate are the players in times of war,

      everybody knows people dont judge the alliance when they are at building mode, they all judge and make comments when they fight wars. So if the alliance doesn´t organize and coordinate themselves they dont show much.

      Thats my point of view at least. :D

      God of War
    • Strong leaders who can take a alliance and keep its members interested as well as back the things that need backing. If you let people not log in for a couple days consistently and a war comes about can you expect your members reaction time to be good? If you lay down the law and tell people they need to log in at least once a day or so (unless it's out of the persons control) then people will have to be on more and more active. So you have to be strict and then at the same time be a friend.

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    • A great alliance bullies smaller alliances into merging with it.

      A great alliance coordinates attacks on island mates, and focuses its resources on building rather than donating.
    • So, how do you think you can keep your alliance members interested? In the past, I've tried competitions and war games. Are there any other ideas?
    • Keep in mind an alliance doesn't grow in 1 day. To be honest I If made an alliance I would want members that are nearby. Lets say there is a war, with your alliance and another alliance where their members are scattered all over. Your alliance would be more of a SUPER BIG stronghold and the other alliance would be so scattered that if you were to attack one player, the whole alliance would have to constantly burn gold and move around.

      I may have several million gold but I don't want to burn 10million gold in 1 day, it's not worth it. "Jesse" is right, you want a strong leader. No one wants to be lead by a small weakling, 1. it's awkward. 2. If you were at usually when your leader is locked down then you lose. 3. He/she can't keep it's members in-line. (example: "Bob, you need to donate" Bob says: "MAKE ME!" [Now I highly doubt that will happen] The leader is too weak to do anything.)

      When I made my alliance on My I tried to make sure that the members were Active, Strong, Smart, and Experienced. To be honest making an alliance in the Beta server would not be my first choice because there are already so many alliance AND almost everyone is already in an alliance. I would have chosen a new server such as My, Ny, Omikron, or Rho. (Rho would actually be a lil difficult) When you do accept members notice how they send in their application. If it's blank then Deny it. I don't know about you but I want a member that I know why he/she wants to be here or know a lil about them. I hate ghost or mystery members because I can't brag about my members If I don't know anything about them LOL!!

      If you want to keep your members interested then you need to 1. Be active and chat in your alliance a lot. 2. Have some wars and/or friendly battles. And 3. Be a strong leader that never backs down. (I like having a leader that can hold their own ground and then some) A way to make you members not happy is a war that DRAGS ON! Me and TONS of other that I know hate wars that just last for ages and never stop. It gets boring after awhile....

      Sorry for it being so lengthy but there's a lot to making a good alliance. :thumbsup:


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    • QuantumMechanic said:
      So, how do you think you can keep your alliance members interested? In
      the past, I've tried competitions and war games. Are there any other
      I know my CAM comment earlier was flippant. But, I've been in many alliances over many servers across worlds (org and com for me) over a number of years. I can list nearly every one of them, and tell you what how they developed, how they stalled, and how they declined (or didn't...too badly).

      Strength of leadership? Crucial. As are many of the other factors mentioned. But, I think that there is an element of dumb luck too. Where people want to log in and want to talk with one another you will find people who have a motivation to stay here and play that transcends the game itself. This camaraderie lasts when all interest in the game itself fades. And, I believe that great leadership can foster a situation that allows for this to occur, but leadership skills alone don't account for when it happens or doesn't happen.

      So, have you ever led/been in an alliance where the policy was that you were required to sign up for an outside alliance board or IRC or Skype? How did that go? Did everyone want to do it because they enjoyed the initial CAM banter and wanted to continue it a more convenient format, or did you find a high level of resistance among players to interact outside the the occasional CT request or cry for help when they are being farmed?

      I could bore you beyond your wildest imagination with countless tales of connections I've made with other people across this planet due to happenstance of people finding themselves in the same alliance, and I could bore you equally with stories of boredom and dread of logging in and on my part conversing with some of the greatest players ever to grace this game, whether they were in alliance leadership or not.

      On newer servers, you get countless "do you want to start an alliance?" or "Do you want to join my alliance" messages in game. Sometimes, the way you answer these messages starts a chain of events that keep you on a server long after it appears to be dying, and creates situations where you actually have a genuine sense of sadness when someone leaves the game who you've never met. Or, the way you answer this message may start a chain of events where you find yourself in a situation where logging in and conversing with the A-holes you've allied yourself with leaves you spending a lot of time on the board here complaining about what a stupid time-sink this game is. And, quality of alliance leadership only plays a part in this, imho. How you enjoy the CAM banter is a better indication.

      So, QuantumMechanic, my answer to your question is be yourself and do it in some CAMs and hope that the people who have picked your alliance are a good match for your particular personality. If people enjoy talking with you...and feel like you know what you are doing...then all that competition stuff can be fun to motivate players. I don't believe you can motivate players who don't want to interact with you. That's my opinion.

    • The foundation of the alliance is important. Everything in the alliance page counts. May it be your vision, mission, beliefs, requirementswhen the opponent retaliated, the alliance ganged up on him. :pinch:

      Pick the right members.

      The leader must know how to lead, in the right time, in the right place, with the right approach. Run the alliance like a mother - a person with a heart and have a multi personality; head of the house, commander, bestfriend, critique, supporter, protector, a fan and a constant annoyance.

      And most of all, a leader should also be a follower. Listen to your members, value their decisions. Leading is a duty and not a right. Dont use it to bark orders, they are not your paid servants.
    • I agree with all the above points... but have a couple of thing to add...

      me and a friend started an alliace in Alpha.org... proably the hardest server EVER to start from scratch in... their are two types of members basically... BIG... and small... and what we did is we recruited small guys... Alpha is dying because members don't have an alliance that is strong and will support them... yes leadership is important... but most of all... you need to have a goal in mind for the alliance... for me and my mate... it was ringing together a bunch of small players and making a name for ourselves... we have 16 members... if we hadn't made the alliance... at least 12 of them would be inactive... you look for a need and fill it.. because if you are looking to bring war to a server... you are not going to ask 10k players to join you... or 4,000k TS builders to join... so for it to be a good alliance... it needs to fill a need...

      Also... an alliance is not a dictatorship... it's a community... you build trust with members... you can't just excpect a bunch of amazing players to join you and do what you want...... you need to earn their respect... also...

      An occasional war helps... not only does it boost activity... but it also helps you understand players playing style and how they play with others...

      so yeah... let me sum this up... a good alliance needs:

      1- To fill a need
      2- To have a strong, wise, and friendly leadership (not only leader... but also diplomat, home sec...etc...etc)
      3- To trust each other...
      4- To help each other (you're an alliance... not a group of individuals)
      5- To have an occasional war
      6- To have a respectful attitude towards others.
      7- To be up to any challenge... (I know this sounds cheezy but it's true... BUT... don't let this turn into arrogance...)
      8- To remember this is just a game... and not take it too seriously...
      9- Treat all members equal... (again... this isn't a dictatorship, it's a democratic community)
      10- Have Fun! Don't make te game boring with a load of rules and restrictions...

      Hope this helps... :)
    • A lot of people add that a good leadership is needed. It totally agree (who wouldn't ?), but you need more than leadership to maintain an alliance. Maybe, the bigger the alliance is, you need multiple leading figures in the alliance. I especially believe in the starting weeks of an alliance, the leadership and the DIPLOMAT are the most important, the general could be the leader and the home sec. could be the diplo. A good diplomat could act as a second type of leader and may even communicate with the alliance better.
      For example, one of the few idol diplomats in our .com ikariam is june (our losty dipo.). Just check out one of her posts in the alpha diplo section and that might also help you to find a good diplomat. According to me, next to the leadership, having a good diplomat is the second most important thing. Of course, in the future weeks or months of your alliance, you should also find a good general to include more leading members of the alliance. Nothing critical of the other posts, just my plain old view and exp.
    • Size doesn't play that big of a role, But it sure can help. Take some alliance like CREW for example, they have around 25 members and they can beat up an alliance with 100 members. It depends on the players and how they play, depends if they are fighters, builders, researchers, etc... Now don't think I'm raining on your parade because size can occasionally come in handy.

      You get the Jist of all of this Quantum Mechanic?

      ~Mythicwolf64 :borg:
    • :) A really great question!

      I would say:

      1. Strong and Charismatic Leadership. Your players not only need to trust your judgement and do what you say, but in general you need to be likable. You might be the best military genius to grace ikariam, but if you are a jerk, belittle people, don't backup your team, or constantly throw fits - you lose your alliance's respect. Once you've lost their respect you're no longer leader.

      2. A strong core of players to support the leader - and a leader who listens to that core of players. This core needs to constantly communicate and keep everyone else in the core updated on events in motion.

      3. An alliance where the players feel "ownership" of the alliance. Hardest part is finding a role for everyone. Not everyone can fight all the time - but realizing how to use everyone for something be it intel, recruiting, resource supplying, gold supplying, or even ideal island placement is crucial. Finding a way for everyone to participate - makes them more active because they feel part of something.

      4. Be able to do what you say. If you say you will attack anyone who attacks your members - do it. If there are exceptions, take the time to think about what they would be and get them up there before they happen.

      5. Have measurable goals to work towards. Be they special ranks in your alliance, OP, or even growth in TS - this gives your players something they can work towards together - rather than doing their own thing and not interacting.

      6. Finally and most importantly BE FUN! Your players should LIKE talking and interacting with each other (or at least some of them).

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    • Hehehe just passing through. :) I enjoy reading the Beta boards, but with four servers and being on staff - I cannot handle more servers. Thanks kindly for the invite, however. :)


      Do not meddle with dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup.
      :turkeydance: I'm just a small turkeh, how much trouble could I get into? :turkeydance:
    • Turkeh wrote:

      I enjoy reading the Beta boards, but with four servers and being on staff - I cannot handle more servers.
      Here's how you can fix that: quit Alpha. It's not been nearly as entertaining ever since Gauntador left anyway.

      VV, you should join us too! I think most of the folks who hated you from Alpha have quit Beta but I'm sure it won't take you long to arouse native Beta loathing.