Spies posted in an inactive city when it gets ghosted x

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    • Spies posted in an inactive city when it gets ghosted x

      Based on recent experience, it seems that the game destroys any spies that are posted in an inactive city when it gets ghosted. This doesn't seem logical to me. Shouldn't any such spies simply return to their home city? If the inactive player logged in again, their city would reappear with everything intact, but my spies would still be gone.

      I understand that the normal recall mechanic might not work since there wouldn't be a 'destination' that they could be returning from, but other changes have been made to some of the spy mechanics to maintain continuity around ghosted cities and this would be consistent with those. For example, it used to be that any old espionage reports on a ghosted city used to refer to all cities as 'polis', but now they retain the name of the former city.

      In this case, maybe the spies could just be added to the pool of unassigned spies in the home city, or if it was decided that there should still be some time delay in returning, perhaps they could be temporarily 'lost', like troops that get scattered. Personally, I wouldn't see the harm in the spies being instantly returned home, since a city being ghosted is hardly something you can use to your advantage.
    • Also, as a add on to this suggestion, maybe the espionage reports from where the spy is assigned to could also get a new color or just now get posted at all. Although, spy's are relatively cheap and can be produced in mass numbers at any time.
    • I gave you a 4/5 since I honestly would never have noticed it if you didnt mention it... I dont like spending my resources and gold to have it magically disappear without it being at my own fault or something that is to be expected in the game.

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