Trading port x

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    • Trading port x

      Small suggestion this time. With the new game interface not being able to use the back button I think 1 small change to reduce a large amount of miss-clicks on the trading port would be show all of your towns and grey out your current one instead of removing it. This way your towns are always in the same place and not moving around as you move around between towns.

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    • If I understand what you're suggesting, I think I like this idea. At the very least, I don't mind it.

      It seems as though this would slightly reduce the chance of a mis-click in the first place, but wouldn't do anything to help when a misclick occurs. Would it work if when you enter the trading port and select a target city, the city selection would stay visible (and changeable) at the top of the screen, rather than disappearing? At that point, you can set the quantities to ship and nothing moves until you hit the 'send' button?

      What bugs me about the current system is that I have to exit and enter the trading port if I happen to click on the wrong target city. I'd rather have a system where I can change/correct my first (erroneous) choice rather than having to abort the process entirely and restart.

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    • Practically I do 2 kinds of mistakes in trading port’s interface.

      1- Choosing (clicking) the wrong town.
      2- Selecting wrong kind and amount of goods and transporting (clicking the transport order).

      In the first case I made the practice of dragging away the background of towns view and clicking again the
      trading port and I’m back into trading port. Not to mention choosing different town’s trading port is done by
      drop down town names menu.
      As a fact with the new version and pop up windows, one can go back anywhere just clicking proper building
      or town in the background.

      In the second case I have to cancel the mission first, and then give transport order again. Doing this
      is not hard too, as I can cancel loading trade ships in the window that just appears after clicking transport
      order, or I have to go to military movements view and stop the shipment from there.

      So do we still need this? I wouldn’t mind if GF implements it, however I think there are many other important
      matters to be taken care of, before this…
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    • ImperialUser This is a great suggestion I love it, as I have made the mistake of sending to the wrong town many times because of the town moving places in the trading port.
    • It does not annoy me that much but im really having problems with this too most of the time. Minor changes like this can be a big help :) I hope they will make something like the trading port but for military purposes, forwarding/deploying troops and fleets easily to your other towns.

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    • kickassgirl wrote:

      I hope they will make something like the trading port but for military purposes, forwarding/deploying troops and fleets easily to your other towns.

      actually that wouldn't be a bad idea if you think about it, instead of having to go to each town to select deploy troops maybe underneath the transport goods section when you select a town add a Transport Troops to it, or something like that