Ikariam OLYMPICS 2012 Contest

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    Ikariam team

    • Ikariam OLYMPICS 2012 Contest

      Dear players,

      Starting tonight, the world is going to turn its eyes towards London, England, where the Summer Olympic Games are going to start. From July 28th to August 12th, athletes from around the world are going to compete for medals and for glory.

      If you like to compete against each other, then read the following lines.

      From July 28th to August 12th, we will organize a quiz contest. Everyday, we are going to ask you a question. You will need Ikariam knowledge, general knowledge, logic and sometimes luck to find the answer to these questions. You'll get points for every correct answer. After the last question, we will establish a ranking and give out prizes as follows:

      1st prize: Canvas with Ikariam motif + 50€ Coupon
      2nd prize: Ikariam mouse pad + Ikariam poster (A4 size) + 25€ coupon
      3rd prize: Ikariam poster (A4 size) + Ikariam fridge magnet + 25€ coupon
      4. Ikariam fridge magnet + 2 * 10 € Coupon
      5. Ikariam fridge magnet + 10 € Coupon
      6. Ikariam fridge magnet + 3 * 3 € Coupon
      7. Ikariam fridge magnet + 2 * 3 € Coupon
      8. Ikariam fridge magnet + 2 * 3 € Coupon
      9. Ikariam fridge magnet + 3 € Coupon
      10. Ikariam fridge magnet + 3 € Coupon

      Should 2 players reach the same amount of points, ranking between these 2 will be decided by coin toss.

      Additionally, we are going to make a medal ranking of all Ikariam communities based on the final real medal ranking at the London games. The 3 best communities of this medal ranking will get a 6 day event in the week after the London Olympics. So, support your nation and hope for bonuses in the game.

      We hope you'll have fun with our contest, the first question will be asked on Saturday night / morning (german time).

      Your Ikariam-Team
    • Some rules that you will need to follow to participate:

      1. How many questions per day?
      There will be one question per day.

      2. Who do I send my answers to?
      You must PM (private message) me with the answer. And only the first answer per registered player is accepted; any answers for the same question sent thereafter will be rejected.

      3. Must I answer these questions daily to continue to participate?
      You can answer any day you wish. There is no need to answer daily in order to participate.

      4. Is there a format to answer them?
      Simply note down: for day's 1 Question 1 : "ANSWER"; and if you answer day's 5 question: Question 5: "ANSWER".

      5. When will each question appear?
      I will attempt to post a new question at midnight (German time). And you have until midnight the next day to send your answer.
    • Times up for Question 1! The answer was: Nicolas Martin (aka NRJ)

      Question 2: How many people were online in the board at Thursday, March 29th 2012, 8:08pm (servertime)

      2 points.
    • Times up for Question 2! The answer was: 782

      Question 3: How many game tickets have been opened in all Ikariam Communities worldwide from January 1st 2012 to July 15th 2012? (Take a guess!)

      Up to 3 points.
    • Times up for Question 3! The answers that would have received points are as follows:

      Any answer between 145.000 and 155.000 gives 3 points
      Any answer between 125.000 and 175.000 gives 2 points
      Any answer between 100.000 and 200.000 gives 1 point

      Question 4: Sort the puzzle (nm.gameforge.de/quiz/puzzle.jpg) in order to get the real Ikariam screen back.

      4 points.
    • Times up for Question 5! The answer was 19.42 (also accepted 19)

      Trade Post : 48
      Town Hall : 158 +335
      Embassy : 242 +155 +415 +342
      Academy: 64+68+115
      1942/100 = 19,42 Points

      Question 6: How many Ikariam servers are there all over the world (excluding test servers)
      ****************Hint:There are 38 Ikariam communities**********************

      6 points.
    • Times up for Question 6! The answer was: 411

      Question 7: Which national version of Ikariam never existed?

      Ikariam Belgium

      Ikariam Brazil

      Ikariam Belarus

      7 points
    • Times up for Question 8! The answer was 266.

      Question 9: Which famous french baron is considered to be the inventor of the modern olympic games?

      9 points
    • Question 10

      Times up for Question 9! The answer was Pierre de Frédy, Baron de Coubertin (aka Baron Pierre de Coubertin)


      Solve the Sudoku.

      What is the correct unit for the circle in the top right box?
      What is the correct unit for the circle in the center box?
      What is the correct unit for the circle in the lower right box ?

      3 points for one correct answer, 6 points for two correct answers, 10 points for 3 correct answers
    • Question 12

      Times up for question 11! The answer is Apollon

      Question 12: What do you think is the total of ambrosia we credited this morning to all existing accounts on our public test server? (Take a guess!)

      Up to 12 points
    • Question 13

      Times up for Question 12! The answer was: 20496 accounts (active + ghosts) * 260 = 5328960 ambrosia

      Question 13: What is the name of our Mayor's wife?

      13 points
    • Times up for Question 13! The answer was: Kyra

      Question 14: In which version have action points been added to the game? On which date has this version officially been released?

      Total of 14 points (7 points for version, 7 points for date)
    • Times up for Question 14! The answer was version 0.2.0 which was officially released on March 25th 2008.

      Question 15: How many gold (in millions) was there available on existing accounts on testserver "test_en" (no ghosts) on Friday, August 10th at 4:00 pm? (Take a guess!)

      Up to 15 points
    • Question 16 - Final Question!

      Times up for Question 15! The answer was 237961 million.

      Question 16: What was the total amount of trade ships all the existing players (no ghosts) on testserver "test en" owned on Friday, August 10th at 4:00 pm? (Take a guess!)

      Up to 16 points
    • Winners of Ikariam Olympics 2012 Contest

      Reila - 117 points
      IM_Mike - 105 points
      Ikariman - 102 points
      motanel - 101 points
      bamcbix - 90 points
      LivinZombie23 - 88 points
      -FEAR - 80 points
      Balder - 71 points
      kwester - 70 points
      Rook - 68 points

      Congratulations !