Stone Age Game

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    Ikariam team

    • Stone Age Game

      Get your 3 euro coupon now!

      Do you have a smartphone?
      Then grab your 25 Ambrosia now!

      It's easy:
      1) Install the free 'Stone Age Game' app on your smartphone between 8 am (Eastern EDT) on the 09/08/2012 and 8 am (Eastern EDT) on the 10/08/2012.
      2) Play your way to the top and become clan leader! As soon as you reach level 8, you will receive your 3 euro coupon. The event ends on the 8/31/2012.

      Hunter or hunted? Here it's all about survival of the fittest!

      Adventures and perils all wait in a prehistoric setting:
      • Discover 36 adventures in four exciting territories!
      • Build your tribe from over 50 tribe members, beasts and equipment items!
      • Defeat your opponent in PvP fights and clan battles!
      • Discover the hidden treasures within the territories!
      • Get to grips with your bone club and the game with the straightforward tutorial!

      Ascend to the role of clan chief and rule over a prehistoric world!

      Have fun!

      Your Stone Age Game Team