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    Ikariam team

    • Staff Applications

      We are always looking for honest, reliable and friendly people who are interested in helping the players of this community. If you have ever considered applying, now is the time to do it!

      What positions are available and what do they entail?

      Game Operators (GOs) are primarily in the background, and must:
      • Handle tickets where they will help players with questions, troubleshoot for bugs and glitches, and ban discussion
      • Check their servers daily for rule violations, banning where the rules have been broken to ensure the servers are kept clean and on an even level for all players

      Moderators (Mods) are more visible and interactive with players, and must:
      • Answer questions and board PMs sent from players/posters
      • Keep the boards clean by keeping standard board maintenance up to date, reading their boards daily, and taking appropriate action when rules have been violated to ensure that conversation does not falter or get disrupted

      What are the requirements for application?

      Both GOs and Mods must:
      • Be 18 years of age, with a valid (and official) photo ID to be presented at time of hire
      • Be willing to spend at least two hours per day focusing on their duties
      • Be available in IRC chatrooms for a reasonable amount of time
      • Have a full understanding of the rules governing the game and boards alike
      Attitude wise both GOs and Mods must:
      • Understand that helping people is our highest priority as staff, before anything else
      • Be able to work as a team, taking direction and constructive criticism when it is offered
      • Treat others with respect at all times, in all situations, regardless of personal feelings
      • Possess maturity and discretion

      How do I apply?

      Applications for both GO and Mod must be at least 500 words. Applications that are too short will be rejected automatically.

      Furthermore, Moderators must have at least 50 posts on the boards.

      The following things should be included in the application:
      • Your age; general area of the world you live in, other basic information.
      • Why do you think that you would make a good addition to our team?
      • What prompted you to apply?
      • Explain how you feel you can effectively fulfill the requirements and responsibilities detailed above for the position for which you are applying.
      • Detail your gaming experience, primarily relating to Ikariam - past and present for all communities.
      • Have you ever been staff on an Ikariam community? Or for any other GameForge game?
      • If you've been banned at some point in the past, please provide details. (We will reject you if we find a ban you did not tell us about!)
      • Some brief information about your real life, your personality, what you do for a living etc - Anything you find relevant.

      Applications should be made using the following site: Application Tool

      The Application Process

      Applicants for both GO and Mod will be considered by the respective Admin and Super team (GA/SGO or BA/SMod). If an interview is granted, there will be an interview on IRC which will include a quiz to gauge rule knowledge.

      If the interview goes well and you are accepted, you will then be required to submit a Data Protection Agreement (DPA). The DPA is a standard privacy agreement that protects the privacy of players on this community and legal action can be taken if it is violated. Because the DPA is a legally binding contract some personal information must be given, including your real name, address and birthdate; as well as a valid photo ID, such as a drivers license or passport. Only GameForge employees (such as our Community Manager) will have access to the DPA, which means that no volunteer staff members will be be privy to your private information. The DPA does have to be completed, however, by every member of staff and the application cannot be completed without it.

      One account to rule them all.
    • With Sigma on its way, we're looking for more GOs! We need Mods too, but there are more open GO spots than there are Mod spots.

      If you've ever entertained the idea of applying, now's the perfect time to give it a whirl. :)

      Also, please note that we have a new application tool. Applications should be sent using the following site from here on out:

      Go apply!

      One account to rule them all.