Bounce ships/troops when inactive town targeted for pillage is deleted before arrival.

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    • Bounce ships/troops when inactive town targeted for pillage is deleted before arrival.

      Please change it so that troops traveling to a towns that gets auto deleted from inactivity during the journey get's bounced and head back home.

      Currently your troops scatter without any type of notice.
      I would assume the same is true for ships.
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    • Usually any suggested future to the game that causes random effects is rejected as dead end idea, however this
      ghosting phenomena of the game, is doing the same thing but seams to be acceptable… at least by GF.

      Despite fully supporting this suggestion, I’m tending to give only two, mostly three points out of five, for following
      What percentage, out of thousands players is experiencing this situation?
      Is it an urgent need that is causing serious trouble to most players?
      Aren’t there other issues to be fixed or improved before this one?

      PS. may be one should curse his luck... and keep on playing until they fix it, if something like this happens to him... ;)
      An advice used to cost a "Camel" once, Now it is free, but no one takes it ^^
    • i give this a 3, well because it happened to me when i was pillaging but the ships got lost and the goods are swept ashore of my town so it's not really a big deal. but it might be annoying for others
    • I would also add that you be allowed to keep the loot you take. I had this happen to me, my ships traveled 3 hours away to take the inactive and when they were 2 minutes from home port, the town was deleted and my ships where scattered and I lost the loot. That's crazy.
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    • i really like this idea , probably because i am into actively pillaging rather than say a wine 'Pusher" . so i tend to come across this with some degree of frequency.

      I have sometimes wished that when we pillaged a town we could inscript a percentage of the previous accounts tradeships as part of a pillaging bonus each day.
      lol ... just to make up for the trips into lalaland at the last moment rather than letting the pillage end Then having the account ghost or whatever it is doing..

      *~//: )
    • They should definitely do this :thumbsup: , I had to go without any trade ships because of this problem many times. People can make use the time to pillage someone else instead of having your ships go missing for 4 hour. I never get any goods swept off shore in my town though, maybe because my ships either got scatter while travelling toward the town and during loading at the town too.