How to calculate cooldown of wonder?

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    • How to calculate cooldown of wonder?

      1st town 7th town
      2nd town 8th town
      3rd town 9th town
      4th town 10th town
      5th town 11th town
      6th town 12th town
      How to use:
      1) select level of faith in every temple (one or more);
      2) choose your form of governemnt;
      3) press "Calculate" and you'll get cooldown time for every wonder (remember - countdown is started immediately after activating wonder).

      If you've found any bug or has idea for improvement - feel free to poke me here or PM! :) P.S.This tool need HTML - I hope that any admin will turn it on in this thread, thanks!
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    • PH_Tonz wrote:

      what about 3towns in same island poseidon is it good or bad?

      Like any other wonders, multiple cities on the same wonder reduces cooldowns. If you have islandmates who are friendly to you or are in an alliance that is friendly towards yours, then multiple towns on the same posiden island is good. If you have quiet islandmates or ones that are hostile to you, then it may be best to have 3 towns on 3 different posiden islands.

      The converter tells u everything but the problem with potential leaches.

      It is very common for enemies to bomb each other's forges during war, so I wouldn't have everything on one island.

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    • Thanks Draxo this was very helpful :thumbsup:

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