Museum Guide

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  • Museum Guide

    What brings a Museum?

    A Museum brings you additional contentment in the town, i.e. a higher growth rate.
    To know how many happiness each level brings, you can check it under the first steps-> building-> Museum. You find this at the "First steps".

    What do I need to be able to build a Museum?
    [list=1] - You need the research cultural exchange (science).
    - To be able to investigate cultural exchange, you need:

    - Science: Well Digging -> Paper-> Espionage-> Invention-> Ink-> Cultural Exchange.
    - Economy: Conservation-> Pulley-> Wealth-> Wine Press-> Culinary Specialities.
    - Seafaring: Deck Weapons-> Ship Maintenance-> Expansion
    - Military: Dry dock-> Maps-> Professional Army

    Then the option of the Museum is available to you in each of your towns
    (Costs: 265 wood and 78 Marble, Build Time Lenght: 1h 28 minutes).

    How do I get cultural treaties and what must I follow?
    To receive a cultural treaty, you must make a cultural treaty agreement with another player.
    In order to be able to do this the other player must have investigated as well the cultural exchange research.

    Proceed as if you wanted to write to the player a message - above the input field where you your text gives is a drop Down menu: There you must select instead of "news"-> "Cultural Goods Treaty offer". Still a small text send off to it, and then one means to wait.

    The other player must accept the agreement, before you receive the Cultural Goods Treaty - you will receive, in any case, news whether your offer was accepted or was rejected.

    If you want to pull back your offer because the player has not reacted or you had considered to withdraw the treaty, you must go forward exactly like with the offering request, just that you now at the top of the drop Down menu you have to select "Cultural Goods Treaty move back".

    If the player has accepted your offer, you will receive one cultural treaty.
    Click now on your museum and there on the badge on the left side "Redistribute Cultural Treaty". Per museum level you can have 1 cultural treaty.

    IMPORTANT!: Note that you must distribute *Every* cultural treaties, so that the distribution is accepted - this is not a bug.

    You must pay attention to how many agreements as you have stage of development in your museums.
    If you want to discontinue an agreement because you have, e.g., too many, click on your museum - there you will see all your cultural treaty agreements and can discontinue them simply by click on the badge on the right.
    Of course your agreement partners can likewise simply discontinue the agreement - but no worry, you will receive news if this happens!

    A cultural agreement costs no diplomacy points and it has no regional restriction (you can have an agreement with any player in your whole world).[/list]