DOW: Flaming Arrows (FLARE) vs. Dominion Order (DOMO)

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Ikariam team

  • My Response to this DOW

    jerseymike wrote:

    Twinidad wrote:

    My name is Twinidad, and as the leader of the FLARE alliance we have decided to declare war on the alliance known as Dominion Order (DOMO). We are looking to expand our borders and have decided to go to war with the DOMO alliance with the following terms. Whoever loses the war will merge with the winning alliance and the losing alliance will be no longer. If you are willing to give up please contact our diplomat and or me and we'll discuss the merging process. Otherwise good luck to all.

    War is being declared at 25.11.2012 03:00:00 Server Time

    War shall end when alliances have decided to end it.

    First of all before this

    I had good relations with FLARE. Back when blazing was the leader and at one time I was even invited but that was before DOMO was born.

    I was a good neighbor since most FLARE members were close to me. I even had Cultural Assets Treaty with several FLARE members such as Angel, Stridderreturns, Myrmiddon and others, so sorry if i cant remember. There were rare times I attacked flare because they were not donating. I didn't just randomly pillage any Flare members.

    First Confluct with flare was when rilstur attacked and pillaged me. I gritted my teeth and accepted this because it was my own fault for having low MS at that time. But it happened again and not only I was pillaged but also another alliance member. This forced us to react and had to decimate Rilstur's army. Then later I found out that rilstur was already the second leader of FLARE and i thought he was just the diplomat good thing it didn't escalate then and there.

    So then Twinidad the third leader of FLARE decides to DOW on us because they are looking to expand their borders?
    FLARE is already at their third leader. How do you expect to expand your territory if there are some internal conflicts?
    let me add this to the internal conflict

    Also during the course of the war I've seen 2 flare members have already gone to Vacation
    Aragorn after he was pillaged several times left FLARE to join IMPS

    So even if we lost how could i join a leader who could not keep his team together.

    I will admit I took the most damaged during this war
    I lost many CTs and was the closest and easiest target

    The DOW was unforeseen I mean even Manny Pacquiao couldn't even dodge a surprise attack now Imagine a backstab. :chainsaw:
    How do you prepare for that?

    and lastly I would Like to share this
    Offensive points

    Defensive Points

    Military Score

    They Have won in some categories but that is because they have more members.

    I would always choose quality over quantity

    These are just facts I have gathered.

    And lastly a quote
    "There are 3 sides to the story. Your side, My side, and the TRUTH"

    also for the spectators you decide.

    kicking fish,
  • Haha I wasn't saying it was anyone's fault ;) good luck to both sides

    What if a child dreamed of becoming something other than what society had intended? What if a child aspired to something greater?
  • Deshi Basara!!!

    Greetings FLARE leadership.

    Shall we start the talks about the terms of your surrender?

    Please contact our Diplomat as soon as possible.

    Thank you and happy Ikariaming.
  • DOMO Victory


    I am the diplomat of the Dominion Order and I have been in talks with FLARE's diplomat. Both DOMO and FLARE have come to an agreement regarding the victor of this war and it was decided that DOMO has won, with DOMO accepting FLARE's surrender.

    DOMO acknowledges that this war has been fun and good for both alliances in terms of learning and strategic planning. DOMO also would like to acknowledge that FLARE has some really good fighters and the fighting has been fierce and long.

    DOMO has nothing but respect for FLARE and hope that FLARE may continue in a direction of progress.

    We in DOMO are waiting for FLARE's representative to close the DOW and CRs thread.

    Thank you and happy holidays to everyone.

    Home Secretary || Diplomat
    Dominion Order
  • War Over - DOMO wins

    As the first half General for FLARE I believe i can speak for our alliance that the war had been fun but we learned a lot about ourselves. I have the utmost respect for certain members of DOMO and wish them the best. We learned that we can coordinate attacks and defense for certain times but at other times we could not pull together as a unit. Our leader Twinidad has now gone inactive thus FLARE will be disbanding and our future is yet to be determined.
    It may have took DOMO a week to put together some good attacks but when they did they managed to wipe out many of our members entire army's (not including mine :D) and although the CRs don't show it they did very well on their own right but it would have been nice to see some of the good CRs that they got. (even though damage wasn't part of the DOW)

    With DOMO accepting our surrender this thread can be closed.

    Happy Holidays

    :closed: THREAD CAN BE CLOSED :closed: