Anyone play Ikariam on Android phone especially Samsung SIII?

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    • Anyone play Ikariam on Android phone especially Samsung SIII?

      Mind guiding me how do I go about it and download the Apps to play Ikariam especially on Android Samsung SIII? I did a search, saw this GO Launcher EX but I didn't go ahead and use, afraid its a scam.
    • I use an old HTC incredible to play. I just use Opera Browser to play. Best one i found so far. But you having an S3 im sure you can get chrome web browser.
    • I don't think there's an official android app out yet. Just use your web browser on the phone. I play almost exclusively from my phone using the built in browser. Another option is to download the app in the play store called "Easy Tether" - you can use that to hook your phone up to your computer and play on the computer using the phone's internet connection :) I do that quite often too. Like right now!

      Just be sure to let the mods know that you use a phone to play, as your IP will vary greatly :)

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    • I use the Samsung s3 and just go to the web using the dolphin browser.

      I have no issues with it that way. I can zoom in so I can hit the right buttons. I can use everything I regularly use on my pc.

      BTW, make sure you have sent in a ticket so the GO's know you are using your phone... otherwise you get banned.

      Game Rules

      VIII. Proxies

      Players logging on using their mobile phone must tell the Game Operator beforehand.

      I would hazard a guess that this applies to using your tablet or if you are going to use a wifi place other then your "residence". (i.e. starbucks, internet cafe, etc.)
    • Thank you guys for the valuable information, guess I will pass the app that I saw (seem like a scam) since nobody seems to heard or use it. Will use browser to play Ikariam instead! Thanks again!
    • Continuing on this thread, is there an Android browser that can see the current version rather than being limited to 4.5?

      I don't plan on using such yet, as there has not been any updates that I think are worth the trouble of soooo many more screens to have to page through, having to push every view around to see anything (rather stupid to force a full screen worth of view into a "map"/island view/cityview area that you are also covering over all four margins for other things to do) and losing the colored glowing aura around each island showing it's usefulness to you, rather than the little colored flags.

      Just wondering for future notice.

    • Okay, I figured a way you can do it on android. Get dolphin browser, then get the addon that allows you to toggle between desktop browser and mobile browser. This will allow you to see the latest version. But I recommend you have a decent phone with atleast 1 gb of memory and dual core cpu. :)