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Ikariam team

  • I was banned twice because of using non-English lang, even all msg exchanged outside in English only.
    Do not know who ticket me ...

    But the fact that I have no chance to finish a Indo guy yesterday evening.
    even another winning report I am unable to post here ...

    It must be easier for INDO during my 3 days unexpected vacation.
    B0Q - NOL - Viet : "We will hit anyone who calls Viet players as VIET CONG or VIET communists ... "

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  • I do not think that is what this was all about. INDO wanted to fight against someone that would give the war as much as they could and I think NoL did that for them. Do not give up and just go in vacation mode and they will have a mutual respect for you.

    Good job to both sides.
  • Exactly like Vernek said :thumbsup:

    We invaded their core, overran their islands, numerous mobile colonies planted, locked and sat their towns down, and their welcome party was plain exceptional. Being outnumbered, NoL's offensive is just remarkable. I would go on to say that, currently, NoL is the best Vietnamese alliance in Ny. Kudos to them and their leadership team.
  • Thanks for your words, boojunk...

    Almost 2 months for a war with Indo, we learn something from you.
    Your fighters were prepared well, almost has 1, even 2 mobile colonies, full Forged, 4-6 , gold stock well,

    Some fighters are superior like Black, Khenzi, amat_ril
    some keep using Colossus too many, like cukat, illuminati ...

    So far, we have been fought with most of greatest warriors of INDO.
    There's win and loss, but it's our pleasure to have chance to fight against them ...

    As my message to Black, our Tet ( Lunar new year ) holiday coming, we must pay more attention to our family and work.

    Due to imbalance on the quantity of mem, we are just able to keep our islands to be cleared, but I promise if have more fighter and more time, one day we would visit INDO core as my own note, will inform you in advance.
    B0Q - NOL - Viet : "We will hit anyone who calls Viet players as VIET CONG or VIET communists ... "