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    • Trading port

      Guys! I've been curious about these. Does upgrading your trading port make your troops load fast? Or just the resources your loading? Because my friend tells me that it makes your troops load in the ships fast. I kinda not trusting this guy because he is a certified troll. :D Thanks for the answers!
    • Troops load at the same speed as resources, so a full ship of troops will take the same time to load as a full ship of 500 resources, and that is dependent on Trading Port size. You usually only notice it in smaller towns which haven't had their Trading Ports upgraded.

      Upgrading the Trading Port to level 15-25 to speed up pillaging from a new town is usually one of the first things I do, long before I need the Trading Port upgraded to ship goods out. A new town is receiving goods, not sending them anywhere. Even a few levels before I finish my Architect and Carpenter will be necessary if I am going to support any of that building with pillaged goods.
    • Oh great thanks! And btw one question. How many ships do you must have if you have lots of towns? Does example 42 ships or something like that is just fine? Or still you must buy more ships? And does buying ships really boost up your points?
    • There is no better investment than trading ships, even at what they charge for the last ones. I kept my troops at a minimum until I purchased my last trading ship, by which point I was already in the top five in total score on my server. Only then did I start building a decent army. Then I build a reserve of 50 million gold in case they offered further ships, figuring that they would cost about that, and when they eventually offered 20 more, I spent the 42 million or whatever it was straight off.

      Trading ships don't count toward total score any more, as they used to, but that is not the reason you buy them. Being able to move your goods and to pillage for goods is far more important. That is also a reason to build Trading Ports up to at least the mid 30s, to save your ships' valueable time.
    • ExoduzElequin wrote:

      oes example 42 ships or something like that is just fine?

      Best thing to do when small, is trade and pillage. Raid inactives, these are easy to spy on and should provide you with plenty of resources, then sell your spoils on trading post. The best government to choose in the initial stages is Oligarchy, you can see more trade offers and speeds up ships marginally. If you are active enough, I suggest raiding as oft as possible, then when going offline sell your resources, use gold to buy additional ships. This is the key to growth, 100 ships can bring in 50k additional resources an hour or less for instance.

      Another thing to consider are using wonders. The posideon wonder can potentially speed up ships by 100%, now couple that with Oligarchy and you could potentially travel 1 island away in 9 mins instead of 20 mins normally. Now if you have an inactive to pillage on next island, you could potentially raid it and have your ships returned home in around 52 mins. The wonder can only be used once a day and only lasts 4 hours, and varies depending on island faith. If you are new to the game I suggest reading up on wonders, because they all offer advantages that could be useful for you depending on how much time you wish to play the game.

      Trading ports are really important at all stages of the game, later on buildings can costs millions in resources, really what happens though depending on set up, traveltime and the amount of tradeships become the bottleneck. Now the mid level 30's one is not necessarily an ideal stopping point (you maybe able to get away with less), it will depend on a few factors, how your account is setup and the maximum number of ships you can obtain. Now if you have all your colonies on one island for instance or only one island apart, you can move resources a lot faster than most, potentially 10 mins or less from colony to colony. Now if you have 180 ships which means you can potentially move 90k of goods in one trip, you can have a trading port that moves 4500 goods a minute as a perfect stopping point. Why? Well you move 45k goods every 10 minute and keeps the ships in rotation, you have the trading post constantly loading. This is the most efficient way to move resources. Even if you can load quicker from the one port, you end up waiting around on tradeships, and if you load all ships at once, you have the time when the ships are travelling that the port isn't being in used. :thumbup: