Server Representatives

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    Ikariam team

    • Server Representatives

      We're pleased to inform you about a new project we're undergoing: Server Representatives

      Starting on January 15th, we are going to be holding elections on each world (Alpha, Beta, etc.) to decide who will be the Server Representative for that given world.

      Some things that you may be able to do as a Server Representative:
      • Vote regularly on feature requests that have made it past player voting in the Suggestions area
      • Debate civilly the merits of ideas and feedback
      • Help represent your server most effectively by following conversation and picking up the ideas and opinions shared by those on your server

      The process to become a server rep is a 3 step process
      • Nominations: Will last 48 hours/2 days
      • Campaigning: Will last 4 days
      • Voting Will last 72 hours/3 days.

      As stated, the election process (starting with Nominations) will begin on January 15th. Until then we encourage you ask questions or discuss it here: Server Representatives Discussion