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  • I know that when your deployed with the air force, your deployed for 6 months. I don't know what the navy is, but I believe if I mad a logical guess, its 8 months. Both can get you where you want, but Collage can only help you. Alot of people who start out in the military also go to collage at the same time. Navy and Air Force boot camps are differn't also, I'm not sure about Navy what they focus on more, but Air force works on running long distances and stamina, along with the rest of basic. Both branches are honorable and both your going to serve our nation. My recomadation is make a plan for yourself, meaning, Decide weather or not your going to to Collage first or not. BUT MAKE SURE YOU STUDY BEFORE YOU TAKE THE ASVAB before you take it. The higher you score, the more better off your going to be. Higher score = more jobs, more pay. Try taking the CAST first Like I've done already. (CAST is Pre Test for ASVAB).

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  • Hey what ever you do don't join the Navy or Air Force. Their bootcamps are way too hard!!! Too physical for this Marine!!! <=== J/K

    IF you are looking to get money for college afterwards either the Navy or the Air Force is the one to go into. They both have great incentives. Other than that it all depends on what you want to do; make a career out of the military or use it as a stepping stone for a career in the civilian world. Robert is right though the better you do on the ASVAB the better options you have as far as MOS' (jobs) in the military.