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    Ikariam team

    • Server Rep Info

      • Opportunity to employ your own input, as well as to represent the common interests for you specific server
      • Close contact with Administrative staff regarding the opinions for the server you would represent
      • Fulfillment and satisfaction knowing you will play a part in the face Admins present to GameForge

      • Vote regularly on feature requests that have made it past player voting in the Suggestions area
      • Debate civilly the merits of ideas and feedback
      • Help represent you server most effectively by following conversation and picking up the ideas and opinions shared by those on your server

      • Each person may be nominated (or nominate themselves) on multiple servers, but can only represent one server at any given time
      • Activity is a must. Persons who fail to stay active on a regular basis will be excluded from participation and another candidate will be chosen
      • In depth knowledge of Ikariam and the server they want to represent is vital
      • Persons with poor behavior ingame, on the boards or on IRC will be automatically excluded. This applies more prominently to those who are permanently banned on any of the official GF mediums, as well as those with a negative history with bans on the boards. (There is a possibility that the person's behaviour may disqualify them from this term, but not exclude them indefinitely.)
      • Staff will always try to allow players the freedom to pick who their representative will be. In cases where a candidate was disqualified for any reason, we will try to select the person with the next highest votes. Staff do, however, reserve the right to disqualify (or exclude) any candidate and will explain to the individual the reasoning behind it.
      • There is no age limit for candidates, however each representative must be mature and capable. Persons, of any age, who are not able to maintain a sense of diplomacy during the campaign or in the course of their term will be automatically excluded.

      Nomination Requirements
      • Any candidate that is nominated by another party, and wishes to be in the running, must post in the thread no fewer than 24 hours before the voting period starts or they will not be included.
      • Staff members will not automatically be disqualified based on their staff position; they will be treated like every other candidate that was nominated or nominates themselves. Staff who are already directly involved with the project (namely Game/Board Admins and SMods) will not be up for nomination despite player status on a given server.
      • As already explained, age is not a mitigating factor for candidates - rather maturity and the ability to respect the trust of the players who nominated or voted for the candidate. If we counter problems, an age limit may be enforced at a future time.
      • Persons who are disqualified will not be subject to voting for this term, but will be given the opportunity to improve the reasoning for the disqualifications. At the start of the next term, the person can inquire about their status to see if they meet the requirements for consideration.
      • Persons who are excluded will not be subject to voting on any term. Exclusion is indefinite and unlikely to change.

      • A nomination thread will be created by a SMod on each server's Diplomacy section at the start of each term and will be open for discussion (specifically for nominations - not campaigning) for 48 hours/2 days. Players can opt to nominate themselves, or nominate others.
      • All nominations must be posted within the nomination thread for the respective server.
      • Each player needs only to be nominated once to be considered in the running for campaign/voting.
      • As stated, each person nominated by another party must specify that they are interested, prior to the voting process, or they will be disqualified.

      • At the end of the nomination period, a campaign thread will be created by a SMod on each server's Diplomacy section and will be open for discussion/campaign purposes for a time of 4 days.
      • Conversation in these threads must remain civil - insults will not be allowed, especially by the candidates.
      • The nature of a campaign will be to display each candidates' aptitude, maturity, game experience, why they should be chosen over other candidates etc. The candidate can compare their merits to those of another candidate, but must ensure to remain respectful and polite to all candidates/players.

      • A voting thread will be created by a SMod on each server's Diplomacy section once the campaign period has ended. Voting will be open for 72 hours/3 days.
      • As previously discussed, each person may only represent ONE server at any given time; however they can campaign on multiple servers. For this reason, each voter will be able make two selections, in the event that their preferred candidate is not available for participation.
      • Votes will be held in the form of a poll, which is anonymous - however there are no secrecy rules at this time. All staff members (including those directly involved) are able to vote. Candidates are also able to vote, including for themselves, however they should keep in mind that they are only able to serve on one server at a time.

      • Each term will last for 6 months. At the end of the 6 month period, there will be another nomination/campaign/voting process and a new candidate may be chosen to represent the server.
      • There is currently not a limit to how many times a person can sequentially serve as a server's representative. If the person is repeatedly chosen by the server, and they have not violated any of the reasons for disqualification/exclusion, they can be elected once again as that server's representative. This is subject to change in the future, in the event that we encounter issues.

      Further information about Server Representatives, as announced in this thread: Server Reps announcement thread
    • Server Representatives Winners

      Thank you for partaking in this historic event. Winners please contact a Board Admin for further instructions. And the winners of the first server rep elections are.
      • Alpha
        June Barcarolle
      • Beta
      • Gamma
      • Delta
      • Epsilon
      • Zeta
      • Eta
      • Theta
      • Iota
      • Kappa
      • Lambda
      • My
      • Ny
      • Xi
      • Omikron
      • Pi
        THE HULK
      • Rho
      • Sigma