Colossus question...

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  • Colossus question...

    Can't seem to get a good answer to this problem, so I though I would ask the minds of the older server(s).

    I recently was in a sea battle and got colossus'd.

    I fielded enough munitioned ships to last 40-50 rounds. (250ish morts and 200ish rockets)
    During the first round, the player hit their colossus.
    The following round, my munitioned ships showed they were out of ammo. Yet, when I scrolled over the units in the combat report, it showed they had 157% munitions.

    I flagged that wave before I could find out if it was some sort of glitch. I won the battle on damage (barely).

    Surely I'm not the only player to encounter this. Hopefully I can get some insight. Thanks!
  • I'm not sure what happened there. I've seen a land battle where the person I was attacking had bombs with endless ammo (10 bombs didn't even fill one square, but they kept bombing me for 10 rounds), which was quite annoying being on the receiving end. So I suppose it's possible that something like that happened to you. :unsure:

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