Don't make game suggestions!

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Ikariam team

  • Don't make game suggestions!

    Making game suggestions is useless....

    First off, I think making any suggestion to improve this game is useless. Gameforge only implements ideas which they can make money off of via Ambrosia.

    I have tons of ideas, literally hundreds. I'm not even going to waste my time listing any because it would be pointless. I just wanted to make this thread to let everyone know that it's pointless.

    Don't bother with any suggestions unless your idea is incredibly stupid and Gameforge can charge a bundle for it in Ambrosia.

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  • Ikariam is like Game forges red headed step child they didn't want but got in the divorce. They wish the game would die already so they could throw out ikariam's outdated servers, but it won't. But honestly, the head honchos at GF must be making bank off the farms who bought helios towers the day they came out and the alliances of warmongers take shots of that "stuff" like it's water. So they keep the game running, occasionally buying another server to let the "usuals" score chase to the top and to make a few grand off people buying an initial dose of the hard stuff. Even then, if people start using less ambrosia, they introduce a new aspect to the game only those willing to invest a little bit can enjoy (Helios Tower). Honestly, how many islands have had one of them built already? Just three islands would be the easiest hundred dollars made for only a few lines of code and a few poorly designed sprites.

    On top of that, most of the powerful aspects to the game, such as moving cities, cost ridiculous amounts too. The opposite would be abandoning that city and loosing weeks upon weeks of growth while throwing away piles of points. I seriously wonder over the years how many people have spent the 1000+ ambrosia needed to buy all the merchant ships. In all seriousness, how many people have spent the 200 ambrosia necessary to found a colony on that amazing premium slot. A hundred premium slots used would generate over five-thousand dollars, as you can't buy "only 200 ambrosia". Also, buying 600 ambrosia would then let you try out many of the other cheat codes Ikariam has to offer, and hopefully create another "regular".

    People complain that this game is dying, but it's cult like following of ambrosia guzzlers will keep it alive until the end of the world...
  • Well, I'll break my own suggestion and I'll list 10 ideas in the next few days. I'm sure they will all be rejected since none of them will be profitable to Gameforge. Stay tuned for 10 ikariam suggestions that will surely get rejected by gameforge. To be posted in the suggestion area, if the game mods allow them to be published.

    Edit: I tried to make a post, but evidently the game mods have blocked me. Whatever. And people wonder why the Boards are dead, probably because of all the censorship. I'm not even going to argue with thembecause to be honest, I just don't care anymore.

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  • no subject, just read it if you want

    My first idea, was rejected, what a surprise!

    See here:

    Where are the women in ikariam?

    2nd idea submitted, just waiting for gameforge to reject it.

    I'll will continue to post ideas in gameforge until i get one successfully implemented. That is my vow!

    I am Roarus, and I like turkey sandwiches with no mayo :barbarian:

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