Bro Alliance Discussion Thread

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    Ikariam team

    • Bro Alliance Discussion Thread

      Hey Ny, since talk about Bro keeps popping up in our Indo war thread due to their brainless leader constantly attempting to troll in a very amateur fashion, I thought we would open up a thread just for them. Where we can talk about all the things that Bro does. Let's keep it friendly and respectful. ^^

      I'll start!

      Bro put a spy in our alliance and they read all of our circulars. This helps them in no way, other than they get to see what a real alliance run by competent people is like.

      Avatar sends crazy messages to people, then threatens to report them to go's for spamming when they respond.

      Black Shadow is the worst and dumbest troll in the history of trolls.

      There, that should get the conversation flowing! Feel free to add your own observations and thoughts about Bro! :love:
      "It is the nature of stars to cross"
    • I second that

      Lady Avatar trolled me this morning and then warn me that he would get me banned.

      Lady Avatar, :lolbash:

      High school dropout living a home with mother, eating tub of ice cream and drinking soda while playing online game to feel as sense of grandeur in that empty life of his. Why else would you call your self, "SIR" Avatar; I mean seriously, Sir.

      Someone call him master maybe his head will explode.

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    • You don't need to drag PHP into anything. NO PHP was involved in any -HH- vs INDO 30 day dow from end of FEB to beginning of March, they sit on the side line , they watch what happen went down and enjoy the show. They were not involved in the DoW -HH- had with BRO for 2 weeks and won the DoW. They are not involved in any of it because they enjoy watching good match up on the battlefield. However, when INDO declare war with no integrity, no honor, no respect for the other alliance, they have no problem having some fun on the battlefield. Are you crying about their involvement on the battlefield? Currently BRO is still attacking -HH- even after the DOW, your member Black Shadow still continue to post CR in the INDO vs -HH- DoW thread to continue boosting his ego while you, AVATAR here pointing fingers and doing the crying game, how pathetic is all of this? You merge with lunar, who is #1 in military? and BRO becomes #1 alliance while organizing a HOF attack against -HH-, therefore we DoW and make it official. You lost that war and now you are interfering with the war INDO dow against -HH- while you here blaming it all on disaster, Grow a pair? WTF is this? QQ land?

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    • Blah whatever. I don't know who really said what, but the similarities I do see between the two messages are striking.

      My favorite is the part where he talks about being the leader of a top alliance(top being questionable) and how someone else in this game is absolutely nobody. What a wonderful attitude for your leader to have.

      Bro's Leadership:
      Black Shadow - dumber than a rock
      Avatar - huge, out of control ego with nothing to back it up.

      BTW Public enemy, who are you in game? I can't find you.
      "It is the nature of stars to cross"
    • You think PHP is here because of me? wow, the credit you are giving me is way above my pay grade, I will take that as a compliment though. Never had any thought that they just like to see first hand why my OS and DS is so high? How I love to attack inactive players? They are here just to witness all the assumptions BRO is making on the board, to see exactly how to farm properly? Maybe one of those are the reasons they are here? Maybe they just like to see how BRO is a total joke on the battlefield while wanting to learn how to properly plant a spy in another alliance? You guys brag about your spy in -HH- so much, they just want to know how it is done.

      P.S Lapang, Lady_Jamie, someone from PHP come shut this noob up la, this guy dunno what he is talking about.

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    • Why Is Avatar Banned? Lol

      You can keep proving to the server you are nothing but a joke, I feel sorry for BRO/Lunar members to have a leader this dumb.


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    • Public Enemy wrote:

      I am a report tool abuser with an inflated ego, and I don't have the sack to post under my real name.


      i would like to say if you want something done then engage and see it done asap.

      We already did engage, bro lost. :eyeroll:

      Warning Trolling/Flaming -- Gozer
      "It is the nature of stars to cross"

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    • Public Enemy wrote:

      I have being observing this drama something which is not seen on the uk boards and i would like to say if you want something done then engage and see it done asap.

      are you too blind to see the public dow was for 2 weeks and with 24 hour notification? Duh? what more do you want to ask for? You guys were the #1 alliance, you got dowed, you got notify, you got INDO involved in your war, now you lost and bitter, see it? INDO also got 24 hour notifcation, also gave 30 days on the battlefield and now bitter and dow back ? Losing by 7 million points now? You got something against me, come bring it on the battlefield, there's no need to get the whole alliance involved. Your leaderships in BRO are poor and you guys are bitter you lost, what is there more to be said? Posting a huge post and blaming it on disaster won't changed the fact you guys lost a war, accept it and move on.
    • All we hear is how BRO is stroking Indo and Indo is stroking BRO but we certainly did not hear how PHP and EBB are stroking HH because Mikalo helped them in the war vs Vodka months ago. They now feel obligated to return the favor.

      :bday: :bday: :bday:

      nice theory, keep it up

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    • I am honored

      BLA, BLA,
      Excuses are for those the weak minded

      1. Those messages can be edited like they do with FOX news.
      2. Disasterjunkie has a big mouth and while he can get of his mighty horse and say it, Lady Avatar is still trying to figure out what dress to wear.
      3 Disasterjunkie speaks the truth but like any addict Bro/Indo does not like to hear it what he tells everyother alliance in this server
      4. Everyone can aggree that the INDO/BRO (I'm sorry, I wouldn't want to upset him, BRO/INDO love at first sight will be a problem for every alliance in this server bc not everyone like threesomes.

      1. INDO VS HH - HH won
      2. Lunar merged with BRO and declrare war on HH and hires mercenaries from INDO and FSE, still looses war
      3. INDO DOW on HH but hires mercenaries from BRO for war. (seriously do you all wipe each other too).
      4. BRO can only feel big if they fight alliances like KINGS.
      5. INDO is never happy unless wars are favorable to them.
      6. INDO and BRO and FSE need more time outs ( vacation option) more than a a 5 year old kid at a candy store

      True of False

      1.Disasterjunkie likes to talk?
      2.Only war HH has lost was against Lunar with the help of Bro back in the day?
      3. Bro alliance has been at every war behind the scenes since its infancy like a crusty poop after eating a whole box of donuts.?

      to be continued
    • Hey, if you are not happy with the 2 week dow and feel it will escalate to something bigger, feel free to open dow if it pleases you. Exactly why I said BRO is butt hurt from getting your ass kick. People talk trash all the time on the board, when you organized a HOF attack against -HH- and lost, that's why we declared a public DOW. If you don't want anything official, why play the game? why use the board? If you want to be part of a community, you need to start following some honor code in the community. Obviously bro have their own sets of rules, nobody is allow to trash talk, nobody allow to declare war, everything will escalate to something bitter. the 2 week of Dow was declared to blow off steams, to put trash talk all on the battlefield. If you feel the war duration was too short, you guys can DoW again, but instead you guys want to be bitter and get all butt hurt and try to escalate it something more than just a simple game.
    • Public Enemy wrote:

      Boy you are still young, a young student and if you continue on your path who knows which human being will die because of your mistake?

      LOL are you for real? You need to get a grip. This is a browser game doofus, it has nothing to do with real life. :pillepalle:
      "It is the nature of stars to cross"

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    • you are completely insane. YOU justify your 4mil HOF dmg against -HH- because of the spam thread? I created the spam thread because whatever I said was true regarding to BRO/NWP? I use points as example because you guys troll none stop about how Noob I am. You can't argue with points, only people who participate in battles, contribute to the war, involved in every battle can have high points, that is just common sense. Why should I be butt hurt? Obviously you guys aren't hurting my feelings, this is just a game. When other people call you noob or farms, if you care to prove them wrong, do it, if you don't, why do you care so much rather or not I created a spam thread that call you noobs out? You only allow BRO members to troll others, like black shadow? like RMPA? like saRR? All spend their time in vacation while trolling on the board? Why are you so offended at what I post in spam thread ? Why so double standard?
    • I started reading what this public joke, I mean enemy, had to say abut HH and then I was like, wth for? He is hiding behind a second forum account because he is to scare to show his in-game name to be own by us... You did say however that this war with HH vs Bro is not over.... I LOLd hard on that one, wake the hell up kid and smell what HH is cooking. You lost, all this little attacks do nothing to us. Your words hold no weight, same as your actions. No1 in this server is worried about any of you. You have fallen to the same category as indo, and that is NYs joke alliance.

      Oh noes, bro wont stop the attacks on us.... :LOLOL:

      Hey, what happened to virus? He came to my island with a mobile and got lock down from the get go... then he tried to pull our wonder down... :lolbash:
      What a knobish way to go...

      about us explaining our actions to you? really? :lol:

      You have a spy in our alliance and still got owned by us... really nice way to go there knobs...

      and its funny to see that this discussion has spill over to facebook, like some1 cares :lolbash:

      obsess any1?

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    • I will have an update list of this war just to show whats up.
      you can hid from me but this show what HH deal with in this so call BRO - HH war, more like BRO merged with lunar but Indo was unhappy with the outcome of the previous war so INDO leader toldl HH leadership that they would not take part in the war but a few of their players would drop tag and join Bro but it turn out that ALLLLLLL of INDO was helping directly and indirectly.

      In other words people HH has to fight uniformed and uniformed troops and that it is pretty tough. ... AND WE STILL WON.
      AND NOW THEY INDO is DOW on us and Bro is pulling the same stunt.

      C'MONE NOW.
      you think that is fair. ????
      Course not but hey if HH gets a few players from here and there or if Disasterjunkie swing right instead of left then OMG... he is a LIAR.

      please. your worse that drunk driver trying to walk straight.

      by Sneaky HellHound aka Disasterjunkie, Hell Hounds.


      11 Gladpack -BRO, -Lunar237
      49 Strongking –Indo, -Bro, -Indo WARNING HE GOES BACK AND FORTH
      218 RMPA –Bro, -M- First –M- player helping out Bro
      230 yurike I-Bro, Indo, Indo
      238 Carl -BRO- -Lunar
      252 Vereb -BRO- -FSE …. Back from vacation mode
      301 fenixxxx -BRO-
      363 Kodrove –BRO, -Lunar … Back from vacation mode
      385 Black Shadow -BRO- Lunar aka Sir black
      433 trusiitis -BRO-, -Lunar
      456 Caviteno -BRO-
      503 wisanggeni –INDO WARNING: HE DROP TO NO TAG
      539 sARR -BRO-
      591 Revenge -BRO
      597 Norph –Bro, -AGLET,
      690 DarkLord -BRO-
      699 Leo -BRO- -FSE
      702 fei lung –Bro, Indo vacation HE DROP TO NO TAG
      712 The pro -BRO-
      721 harhar -BRO- -Lunar
      738 JessicaBK -BRO- FSE
      745 Blisswarden, Dmon683 –Bro, Lunar
      746 King Midas -BRO- Lunar
      781 svth -BRO- FSE
      783 jay -BRO- Lunar
      794 AnnaIK -BRO- FSE
      797 Windy -BRO- FSE
      804 CHANDRESH -BRO-
      808 JohnDH -BRO-, FSE
      817 grohduk -Bro, Pups, -Wolf WARNING: HE DROP TO NO TAG
      822 Gara -BRO- FSE
      833 ss_panzher –Indo WARNING: HE DROP TO No tag
      870 Ran -BRO- FSE
      888 TEOMAN -BRO-
      911 Powderhun –BRO-
      920 hunterX -Bro, -Lunar WARNING: HE DROP TO NO TAG
      931 Rogue Phalanx -Bro WARNING: HE DROP TO NO TAG
      937 Rigz -BRO-
      981 trive24 -BRO-
      983 EGYPTIAN -BRO-
      1047 kero19 -BRO WARNING: HE DROP TO NO TAG

      HH players on vacation

      101 Moldman -HH-
      119 Thrillerr -HH-
      311 akutsway -HH-
      363 elmasloco -HH-
      392 nMe X -HH-
      508 nutdrinkingamp -HH-
      589 player21 -HH-
      619 Rav -HH-
      717 V - dareboy -HH-
      750 Folay -HH-


      20 Darksparks – Bro, - Lunar
      38 Valspire –Bro, - Lunar,
      78 Puptiz – Bro
      79 Bidzonie – Bro
      80 Tri – Bro
      82 GApump –BRO
      84 Coming Soon –BRO, -FSE
      90 joko diaz –BRO
      92 Hercules –BRO, -Lunar
      95 Isnu –BRO, -Indo (Farm # 8) WARNING HE GOES BACK AND FORTH
      102 Arecode201 –BRO
      107 Spidyvenom –Bro, -Lunar
      112 JK-Kelly –BRO, -FSE
      144 anebphisig –BRO
      156 Robemaster –BRO, -FSE
      161 Prince Hecotor –BRO
      174 manlet_guy –BRO
      175 Achiles –BRO WARNING: HE DROP TO NOT TAG
      188 Finito –BRO, -lunar
      189 T_T – FSE (Farm # 15)
      190 Avatar –BRO
      199 Italy –BRO, -FSE,
      210 Sultan Saladin –BRO, -Indo
      211 Miscerbrah –BRO
      215 Law –BRO
      216 Indo Dragon –Indo, -BRO, -Indo WARNING HE GOES BACK AND FORTH
      219 Crosswind –BRO
      220 Wayan -BRO –Indo WARNING: HE DROP TO NOT TAG
      232 Yurike –Indo –BRO –Indo WARNING HE GOES BACK AND FORTH
      238 Carl –BRO, -Lunar
      252 March –BRO
      264 Ceaser22 –BRO WARNING: HE DROP TO NOT TAG
      273 Shigeru_1948 –BRO
      290 nebelous –BRO, PP
      295 Virus –BRO, -Lunar
      298 Seal –BRO, -Lunar
      308 huyen –BRO, no tag WARNING: HE DROP TO NOT TAG
      310 braxx –lunar (farm 27) PP, 27,605
      314 newsouthwales –BRO, -Lunar
      324 NMH1377 –BRO, -Lunar, Vodka
      330 Khenzi -Indo
      331 Lobo – BRO, -Lunar PP 17.960
      333 Warriors –Bro, Indo,
      345 Sky King –Indo –bro
      348 kamorekek –bro (farm #28)
      350 sonicdrink –BRO (big farm)
      356 cold aziz –Bro, -Lunar
      362 wail –BRO, -Lunar PP 14837
      363 kodrov –BRO –Lunar (farm # I lost count)
      367 SheVa07 –Indo
      378 Blue Star –Bro , WARNING: HE DROP TO NOT TAG
      383 gyroman1 BRO- FSE (Farm” 40)
      385 greatprince –BRO, -FSE
      389 Azrael –Bro, -HH, -Lunar
      413 PHILIPPINES - FSE (farm 45)
      414 jeff_snacker –BRO, -Lunar (farm 45)
      415 raden_antiban –Indo
      423 Batista69 –BRO,
      427 Danny –BRO,
      431 splinter –BRO, -Lunar
      436 boojunk –BRO, -INDO
      440 Sinbat –FSE (farm 48)
      447 Evil Dr Hippo –Bro
      450 Ulquiorra Bro
      455 Sand –BRO, -FSE
      461 Putra Kelana –Indo
      475 -MASTER- -bro ,
      478 busy -FSE, Bro
      485 Lonely Ruler –BRO, -Lunar
      493 Schwammkopf –Indo WARNING: HE DROP TO NOT TAG
      494 CAFGU, -Bro (farm)
      495 xAugustusx –Bro, -Lunar
      501 brivais BRO, -FSE farm.
      503 wisanggeni –INDO WARNING: HE DROP TO NOT TAG
      512 vhen_12 –Bro PP 10,000
      532 Aing indo WARNING: HE DROP TO NOT TAG
      545 yamasan Indo WARNING: HE DROP TO NOT TAG
      546 Pelee Bro WARNING: HE DROP TO NO TAG inactive 20k military just ent inac
      554 cedar714 –BRO, -Lunar,
      556 DireWolf –Bro
      559 Keikoku –Indo HE DROP TO NO TAG
      570 gmcelum, -Bro HE DROP TO NO TAG
      572 tatski83 –Bro (far 60)
      579 arieonline -Indo HE DROP TO NO TAG
      587 EDGAR Bro HE DROP TO NO TAG inactive
      593 Muslim Albanian –BRO, -Lunar
      598 old commodore –BRO, -Lunar
      613 NoMaDz –Bro, -FSE, floater at 51.54
      624 mike567 –Bro
      626 Olja –Bro HE DROP TO NO TAG
      648 Zid05 –BRO, -WOLF HE DROP TO NO TAG
      658 Cardillo –Bro
      668 Video –Bro, -Lunar, -PHP
      675 TwistedNinja, -Bro, -Lunar
      679 lollipos , Bro, HH, aka mike00916 WARNING: HE DROP TO NO TAG
      683 Bagoenk Bro, -Indo HE DROP TO NO TAG
      690 gamcantoi –Bro
      761 hinaTa_ -BRO,
      765 loco0357 –Bro, HH
      766 giom – Bro, farm
      770 Xazbar –Bro, Lunar,
      775 jay –Bro, Lunar
      790 Trelos – Bro,
      808 Solomon , Mehrab –Bro, -HH, Indo WARNING: HE DROP TO No tag. !!!! gotcha
      831 pgsmgs –Bro,
      838 Arek SuroBoyo –indo WARNING: HE DROP TO No tag
      849 Thai Dinh –Bro, little
      851 NDRU, -Bro
      859 Rala –Bro, -Lunar
      897 neolan99 –Bro
      900 Major000 –bro indo WARNING: HE DROP TO No
      902 Strabadi –Bro,
      936 Rigz, -Bro,
      1062 fadianBMX, Indo indo WARNING: HE DROP TO
      1121 Skyfighter –Bro indo WARNING: HE DROP TO


      109 Xin You –Indo
      143 Rug3dangduggly
      146 Tankiem Vodka
      160 Don Don EBB
      164 Alexx –M-
      165 Babydragon DrG
      178 Cyrus HH 205 Behnam Indo, Viet 1
      299 Chudu Vodka
      329 Segaboba
      354 Not gone aka Khalessi –Lunar
      361 Andi_S –Indo
      426 CoHangXom – Vokda
      430 malvin –Lunar
      438 den bei –Indo
      484 scuteris –Indo
      484 otha –Indo
      486 BaGiaCamSung –
      537 chaos HH ,
      546 Pelee Bro
      551 hero
      552 Adwin
      566 zeb –tua

      570 gmcelum, -Bro
      587 EDGAR Bro
      590 fox HH 585 k
      622 PunkyPunky PHP
      626 Olja –Bro
      633 Gordo REM
      634 doiten Vodka
      637 nightwish
      640 DK_Steel vodka
      653 Hello Lunar
      657 Knez Lazar Bro
      659 Kefsiz
      663 chuotbachvip209 vodka
      669 shooter
      673 treb –Indo
      685 Nurettin Tua
      700 cangcuters Ind
      739 Russo Viet
      749 peteruy FSE
      876 bopaltek lunar
      891 BlacKyman Indo
      905 mamaloreng23 Indo


      87 Leonidas -Indo
      106 Eleison –Indo
      110 Anarchy99 -Indo
      126 AMGUNAWAN –Indo
      132 Katab Uatnar – Indo
      159 Jimbonx –Indo
      160 Senopati – Indo
      163 Saigo -Indo
      170 –Joseph_ Indo
      196 Melley –Indo
      198 Linked –Indo
      203 Puz – Indo
      212 Svens –Indo
      226 Okey –Indo
      228 Skoulikas –Indo
      231 Lord ocha –Indo
      234 Multi –Indo
      239 Amar-ril –Indo,
      246 Lucky San –Indo
      254 Andre –Indo
      263 The Duke –Indo
      288 Barlin –Indo
      303 Wawan –Indo
      315 Traviz777
      325 911 – Indo
      341 Killing boy – Indo
      365 tb jaya selalu – Indo
      376 Rhoma –Indo
      381breec0 –Indo
      394 Kudeta Su –Indo (farm 41)
      402 Eddard –Indo
      406 jack sparrow –Indo
      412 jams –Indo (
      441 NoName RK – Indo
      454 akasia –Indo (farm 50)
      462 – Ultras – Indo
      463- Tonyphen –Indo
      467- Paradise7777 –Indo
      468 amoiborneo –Indo
      480 Lion Heart – Indo
      481 Ratna –Indo
      496 Sinz –Indo
      502 Yudis – Indo
      506 Kamuqaze19 –510 Rambo – indo 48.39 & 49.32
      519 devandiCOP –Indo
      520 CaPiTaNo –Indo
      528 Andreas Tong – Indo
      548 Tomz – Indo
      573 joe Caesar - Indo
      583 vivi –Indo (Farm)
      620 jiroiko –Indo
      688 Semut Hitam Indo
      692 Tadulako Indo
      694 de javu –Indo
      747 9h0n1 –Indo
      836 marajuni –Indo
      862 mariachi – Indo
      1020 Indonesia Army –Indo
      1031 Divertt21 –Indo


      309 ஜ - Bl4cK - ஜ – vacation
      317 efisiensi
      420 Kamen Rider
      487 Alek - farm
      511 David Ozo
      638 Srikandi Indo
      708 Riski
      718 Brahma Dozzer
      735 achapanda
      740 kanaekan
      1047 True Lion –Indo