When does GF populate an island?

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    • When does GF populate an island?

      When does GF populate an island for new servers?

      Seem that when 1 person is on an island.. nothing happens.
      When there are @5, GF drops newbies on that island.

      What is the magic number?
    • I think no one knows exactly the rule for that. And GF won't tell because it'll spoil all the fun and surprise.
      What I noticed (and this is only my personal point of view, not a GO official reply) is that accounts start in the middle, at 50:50, fill a 3 island radius (a group of 15-20 islands), clockwise starting N-E, until each island has 10 towns per island, then it moves to a random point (using the random function that every computer has) where it does the same. After 10 random starting points he comes back to the first ones in order and fills the islands to 16 towns. After that other random points are chosen and it repeats the procedure. In the meantime, first accounts develop and they already can make a colony. If a colony is made far outside those points it will become a new point for colonization and it will be filled with new accounts under the same rule in the next 2 days depending on how many players open new accounts.
      All these remind me of the game of life, a simulation of developing cells en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conway%27s_Game_of_Life.

      I wonder if anyone else has another opinion on this.
    • I'm pretty sure they only fill up to 10. That has been stated somewhere before. Any islands with more than 10 are because people invite their friends, which use completely different rules for filling up spots.

      Any island that has less than 10 people is a possible target for adding new accounts. It doesn't matter where the island is in the world. I believe there is priority to islands with more people on them though. For instance, if one island has 8 people and another has 1, the first island will be filled before the second. Only when there are no islands with fewer than 10 towns on it will the game start up a new island.

      So in your care, there are probably plenty of islands with only 1 person on it, so they don't really get filled up often, but when the island has 5+ people on it, the game is more likely to put random new accounts on it.