11th City Questions

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    • 11th City Questions

      First off I play Gamma.org

      I'm a major builder and have a few questions.

      I have my palace level 10, ready for 11th city...

      GR's look like this:

      5 of my cities are at level 10
      5 of my cities are at level 9

      My questions:

      Would it be worth it to build my 11th city right now? Even with the corruption?

      I figure it'll be 8% in the 5 towns plus the new one will be ridiculous.

      But with Nomocracy it would lower it by 5%

      This means 5 towns with 3% corruption (Plus whatever new town is)

      I get 3,463 Research points per hour.

      That's the only reason I would go for 11th city is to get more scientist...

      Would it be worth it?

      Every town is 33+ Town Hall level.
    • Update

      I built my 11th town.


      11th Colony 100% corruption
      5 towns 34% Corruption
      5 Towns 25% Corruption

      I switched to Nomocracy which caused +25% corruption in all towns for 5 hours

      When it's gone 5 towns will have 0 corruption

      5 towns will have 4 % corruption which makes 20% total

      20% plus my new colony which will put me at 90% corruption & it will continue to drop as my new town gets upgraded.
    • A simple way to view corruption math is, your new town needs to have equal or more production then the corruption in your other towns combined. There are other variables to debate over the town like population to fill those mines/mills/scientists, booster buildings in other towns etc, but for the most part it can be simplified to that simple equation.

      So for your previous example, 5 towns lvl 10 and 5 towns lvl 9, your new town would need a lvl 5 or higher GR for it to be "worth it". With nemocracy your new town would need a lvl 4 GR to make up for it.

      Another easy way to look at it, your new towns GR needs to be the same level as the rest of your towns that don't have the GR upgraded. Assuming your starting from 0 corruption with only missing the next GR upgrade in each town.

      So for your example again, 5 towns with lvl 10 and 5 towns with lvl 9, you would need a lvl 5 or higher GR to make up for the 5 towns without it.

      Hope that doesn't confuse anyone. :beer:

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    • ImperialUser wrote:

      r towns combined. There are other variabl
      Thanks. That made things clear up a lot. I figure a total of 20% corruption isn't much to start developing my new town as it will take almost a year or so to max it out. Might as well start now.