Declaration of War: AuImp upon ViP

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    Ikariam team

    • I said at the time Pirates started that it would lead to war. Only playing on this and another server, but is anyone aware of other servers having wars kicked off over pirate activities? (just curious).

      Fun war so far, sorry I've been busy with summer vacation, but per the CRs I just posted, it is good to be back.

      Cheers and remember, it is just a game...

      All the best,
      Emperor Beak
    • -ViP- and Auimp agreed to end the war.

      The Official time and date are:
      29th of September 18:00 Game time (same time as the end of the current pirate cycle).

      -ViP- had great time during the war, It did wonders to our membership, we met great players from Auimp and made friends with them, we enjoyed fighting each other greatly.

      All mwc are expected to be remove in 48h, same for town occupations and port occupations.

      Auimp & -ViP- agreed to 7 days of no aggression pact.

      With the following exclusions:
      MPC are not protected by the NAP.
      The NAP does not include Piracy
      -ViP- & Auimp might selected certain islands agreed by both alliances leadership to "burn off the MS", further coordination will be addressed In Game.

      A following post, is expected by Auimp representative to close the war.

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    • The planting of an MPC would not violate the NAP. Players of both AuImp and ViP are also free to Pirate Raid each other which also does not violate the NAP.

      -ViP- agree with it.

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    • AuImp and ViP agree to end the current war and close the DoW. The war is scheduled to end at 23:59 Game Time, 29/9/13 (today).

      There are small piracy details to be discussed after the fact and during the duration of a 7-Day NAP. The NAP to commence at the end of the war. Our diplomats will be in discussion.

      All MWC in place/Port Blockades and Occupations will be lifted within 48hrs of the end of the war.
    • End of the War

      The war is coming to closure, while various small details still remain to be addressed between -ViP- and Auimp Diplomats, it will not prevent the war from ending.

      The war will end at 23:59 29th of September Game Time.
      A full NAP will be establish for 7 days between -ViP- & Auimp.
      Piracy is not a part of the NAP.
      All MWC, Port occupations & Town Occupations will be removed in the first 48h.

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