Accuracy; accumulating damage

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    • Accuracy; accumulating damage

      I decided to try to take my combat numbers to a spreadsheet. Here is the combat situation:

      10 Hoplites
      1 Ram

      No units
      Level 2 wall, Level 5 town (5 wall sections)

      So calculating on my spreadsheet, I took the following:

      1 ram does 18.17 damage on the main section (I marked it at 23% accuracy)
      1 ram does 15.21 damage on each of the other sections (I marked it at 77% splash)

      10 Hoplites do a total of 90 damage on the main section (I marked it at 90% accuracy)
      10 Hoplites do a total of 0.25 damage on each of the other sections (I marked it at 10% splash)

      The main section is taken down to 54% in Round 1 with total damage done reading 108.17 damage
      The other sections are taken down to 92% Round 1 with total damage done each section reading 15.46

      The next round then goes haywire. In Round 2, the main section is taken down to 36%. So instead of another 46% reduction, which would have reduced the main section to rubble, it was an 18% reduction. 3/4 of the other sections were taken down 72%, and 1/4 of the other sections was taken down to 74%.

      It doesn't make sense that the ram's 20-23% accuracy damage spreads through the other walls. It looks to me like the main damage spit up and contributed to the other 77-80% splash damage. Furthermore, this splash damage wasn't even evenly distributed. It instead hit 1/4 of the other sections in a reduced manner (2% reduced).
      My spreadsheet shows that to get the main section down to 36% would mean a 19-20 damage attack on it compared to the 108.17 damage done in Round 1. This is close, but not exact, to the main section damage of 1 ram (18.17 damage).

      I think the probability chance that my original formula was "correct", with the random spreading of main damage and splash damage that you see in Round 2, is incredibly low. So unless my original formula is inaccurate, then something mutated in the % allocated.

      Does anyone know how this works? I decided to try to calculate this for fun (trying to predict future battles) but the formula seems jacked-up.

      Also, does anyone know how to get rid of the annoying double-spacing of the text? I have to hold shift and hit enter in order to single space.


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    • First off, if the middle section took 46% first round, and then another 46% the second round, then it would have 8% left. This is not rubble.

      Secondly, accuracy has nothing to do with how damage is distributed to the various stacks of units (or single walls in this case). Accuracy affects how many units die when enough damage is taken by a stack of units.

      I'll give you a mini tutorial on how damage works in a battle round.

      Damage is redistributed amongst all units of the same type from the same wave after every turn. So if you have 20k hoplites from a single wave, whatever damage they took (minus the amount used to kill any) would get redistributed amongst all 20k of those hoplites although most of them were not even on the field.

      The damage distribution from a current round is dependent on the games targeting mechanics. For each stack, units go one at a time attacking successive wall sections. So imagine 5 wall sections labeled 4-2-1-3-5, which is the order in which the sections are targeted. You have 10 hoplites, so its not so obvious since each section is targeted twice. If you had 6 hoplites, each section is hit once and the middle section (labeled 1) is hit an extra time. If you have 7, then the section labeled 2 is also hit twice. For attacking purposes, each stack is treated separately. This is why when you have 30 mortars against 7 wall sections, only 6 of them take damage. Each stack hits 6 wall sections and the 7th is not targeted.

      So for your scenario, a wall section has 200 hp and 8 defense. Hoplites do 18 damage. Rams do 80 damage. After subtracting defense and adding upgrades (which you seem to have none of), we get 10 and 72 respectively. The middle section takes damage from 2 hoplites and 1 ram = 92 total. Thus it has 106/200 = 54% health remaining. The other wall sections only take damage from the hopites, which is 20, or exactly 10%, so they have 90% remaining at the end of round 1. Are you sure they had 92% according to the CR?

      Total damage done by you was 172 distributed amongst the 5 sections is 34.4 each. For the second round, each section took the same as the round before in addition to the 34.4 it has already taken. This results in 36.8% left for the middle and 72.8 for the others. The one section with 74% is likely due to how the game handles rounding. I've never had that happen to me before, but the last time I tried to calculate out a CR was quite a while ago.