alliance rank changes. x

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    • alliance rank changes. x

      Well , i am a general in my alliance and i noticed that only ongoing combats are shown in the embassy menu.

      My suggestion is : as a general i should be able to see the cr for all the members of the alliance
      both incoming and outgoing for past 7 days
      and they should have nice time-stamps on them , so i can have knowledge of what member has been attacked , by whom , when , how many and what kind of troops etc.

      also , the menu showing ongoing attacks from alliance is outdated , only shows a number of units to my members attack force , and sometimes splits one single troop movement into several , although all those troops embarked on same ship(s).

      now , i dont need to know what the members looted , but i do need to know how much they were looted of , so pillaging attacks on alliance members must show in the logs.

      also , if the attacker used a bypass of fleets , such as garrison , occupation or an allied town , it would be decent to have that appear in the logs.
    • although im not a general just the diplo. it is a good point that the general should be able to do more then just see the size of the force heading into an attack
    • ive been general and i like to borrow it sometimes to make sure everyone is fine when my general is not online . But i always give it right back , but i would love to see this . Cause usually you can get someone being a idiot with no defense begging for help. THis way u can check it easy
    • I also agree to this idea although I'm not a general. this can lessen the confusion especially regarding the retaliation against members of an alliance.4/5 :thumbup:
    • This is a good idea, but i feel like it gives the general .. "too much power".

      I think the general should get CRs AFTER the fighting (for 7 days), but not during the battles. If 1 player (the general) could know all the details of an alliances battles while they were occuring then fighting wars would basically be 1 general playing chess with another... Yes u can get the info anyways by asking ppl in the battles but its not as easy to coordinate.. and that is the way it should be.

      I think that u also shouldnt be able to see what action the enemy army is planning on taking... even when ur the person they are attacking.. bcuz in real life.. u would never.. (but thats just my opinion). On the other hand.. its perfectly reasonable for the general to know the mission (pillage/occupy...) of all outgoing attacks.
    • I think that getting a CR from every person in an alliance who is attacking someone else, and who is being attacked might just consist of more than a bit of spam : )

      Also, I think it's intentional to NOT give out an individual town's strength arbitrarily to even the general of an alliance. (Listing total forces, instead of forces "by town".)

      That said (and maybe this would be better for another different thread or two), I like a couple of supplemental ideas to this:

      1.) have two logs (similar to the towns log) - recording postings under "attacks on alliance" and "outgoing attacks from your alliance".

      2.) expand what is displayed in each of those.

      It would be nice if the attacker/defender coords were displayed at a glance, rather than having to click on each link, for example.
    • u want to see ever farm ur alliance has done in the past week i think that would get annoying exceptly since the battles don't have great names and everyone is always farming in exceptlily big alliances like gold we are ever farming during our war maybe they can see battles they want to see. like they can put in a round number of like 30 that way farms are really noticed if the battle doesn't go over that then they don't see it that way it cuts down on spam cr's
    • alliance rank changes.

      For the general rank allow the general to view the combat reports from within the alliance and also allow them to view what ships and troops are stationed in players towns.