Deliting Home Town

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    Ikariam team

    • I am uncertain which of these you mean, but all of them are possible and already currently implemented in the game.

      1. If you mean delete their capital, all you need to do is go to any of your other colonies' governor's residences and scroll to the bottom of the screen. Choose "declare this town my capital" and your capital will be relocated. Be careful however as it destroys the palace in your capital and you will have to rebuild a GR there. Once you've moved your capital, you can delete your old capital by going to its town hall and selecting "Abandon colony".

      2. If you mean you cannot delete your town because there are fleet actions (your or someone else's military is moving to or from your town OR your troops are tied to that town, but stationed somewhere else) going on and you get the "There are still actions tied to this town" warning. You need to wait for your troops to arrive, then go to that town, look at troops in town and where it says the town's name next to the troops, change it to another of your cities.

      3. If you mean you cannot delete a town due to piracy actions - that is an intended consequence. If a piracy action (including crew conversion) is started before you have removed that town's pirate fort removed, you will not be able to delete your colony.

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