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    Ikariam team

    • Scientists: 3,498
      Research Points per Hour: 7,051.97

      Future Techs complete:
      Seafaring: 2
      Economy: 3
      Science: 23
      Military: 2

      I should have my science maxed out at level 25 in 3-4 months between scientists and experiments. Then I'll flip over to working on the others.

      I was originally leveling each future together (all level 1, then all level 2, etc. until I realized the overall time would be less if I maxed out science first.

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    • To me working on Scientific future to get you more research points is useless, your just wasting time, go for the other ones... it's not like waiting 4 months for 4% more research point per hour will help you by hell a lot, unless you intend to go to lvl 25 futures in every subject (which is a waste of time, after lvl 10 the researches take to long to finish and if you stop the cost of gold per hour for the scientist can then be eliminated, you get more gold, then you destroy the academies, and get a new building spot for better uses)
    • That depends on your perspective. In terms of pure profit yes, you shouldn't do scientific future at all. Fire every scientist you have and only work on research through experiments. But for high score folks it's a valuable research, and if your going for 25 in them all going for scientific future first will allow you to gain the most benefit from it and research the others sooner. If you wait and do it last it truly becomes nothing but a resource sink for score.

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    • for militaristic players, i would say you should focus on "one" of those military futures, i focus on the seafaring future as i focus on fleets...
      the economic one is good as well... but i rather have 2% discount on fleets than 20 additional citizen spaces while have a large fleet, as well as it does 2% discount more when the fleets are in movement.
    • i do balanced builds, so i can solo as well as supply what my alliance needs. my troops and fleets are also balanced, unless i have to over compensate on one or a few types of units to balance an alliance attack. i would hate to have only 1 type of war covered, and second one working at the disadvantage of much higher rates. i hate to be locked into something, i rather be able to flow from one thing to another, as needed, or use mostly fleet, until my ground troops can get back to par, after a battle, or vice versa.

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