Gun and Roses-GnR: The alliance that you should join

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    Ikariam team

    • Gun and Roses-GnR: The alliance that you should join

      Gun and Roses

      First of all, I am wanting to say hello to every viewers enters this thread. I am Hashirama on Board and my In Game Name ( IGN ) is WindGod. I am the leader and founder of Legion of God, and now I have changed my alliance name, therefore by this moment, i would like redesign and remake our alliance 's type. A new change, and a new start indeed is good for everyone

      Why Gun and Roses but not NR, LOST, or WLS ? Because those are the biggest alliances in Alpha. They are cool as always. But GnR has stuffs, too and that is something i want to guarantee to you. Team up with your mates, pick members to join independent missions, solo to anyone that you want, no matter what, GnR will always has your back. I have been supporting many newbies and helping them to grow.

      This alliance is independent and unique and is everything you will want to have, a truth home like you always want. There will be no hiding behind tags. If you contribute to the alliance, play well with other members, there is no way you can be treated badly in GnR. This is the game that requires strategy and friendship support and everything you need is to join my alliance. We have battled 3 war alliance so far. Our gut, and courage, and our will have been tested. We are peace lovers, We are high level builders, This is the elite. This alliance is no joke you should make. Challenge sent, we will take it.

      Our treaty is to let every player has what they need to play. You play "YOUR style " things are GREAT but BEWARE your style may make your friends and mates in danger and to have the most reasonable rules for Requirement Section, i would like to introduce our official rules which are short, easy to remember and to be accepted in every alliance. We have treaty with different rank in the alliance. Changes can be made if you want to change and can be able to put up a good reason, i would do my best to see how can I help and solve the problems. Every members that is under 200k TS will have 100k marble, 200k wood per month to help growing. Every aggressive insult to the honor of our alliance will be taken seriously. Every aggressive insult or non-reasonable actions that makes our members feel annoyed, or be harmed, not only the general will handle the situation but also the leader by himself will kick that butt out of the road.


      Official Rules

      1/ Active
      2/ No hiding behind the tag
      3/ Friendly, and be cool
      4/ Never, ever, v-mode in middle of a war, battle that is currently occuring
      5/ Dedicate, contributed, and willing to solve your problems with alliancemates in a logical way
      6/ Do not leech a wonder, remember to put your priests inside that is enough for a lv 5 miracle. IF you can't afford, post on the Agora of the alliance and explain your reason and solution about the problem


      Night Striker-NS

      Iron Brigade-FIB


      L Ulpia Trajana

      War Alliance have taken so far:

      Having Special Treaty with
      About Military Support-Diplomatic Support-Trading Support
      Memento Mori- "Remember that you, too, will die."

      Thanks for all of your reading.
      No one

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    • Diplomat: checked
      Leader: checked
      General: checked

      We are opening for one more slot: Home Secretary

      Our expectation: At least having 1mil5 TS
      Stay active and can be able to answer members 's questions in 24h counting from the moment the messages were sent
      Loyal is required
      Sense of humor

      Recruiting: Builders and Newbies
      From: 200k TS to 500k TS, would consider to accept players below 200k TS too.
      Profit: Res support per month, Full protection with diplomatic and violence means
      Slots: 5

      Recruiting: Fighters in all over Alpha
      From 500k TS to Max TS if possible
      Profit: Diplomatic Supports, Militarty Supports, Gold Supports, War Council and War Mode activated
      Slots: 10

      Recruiting: Elite Trader
      From: 1mil to 9mil
      Profit: First Rate Security
      Slots: 3

      All of the positions above REQUIRE one more thing: FIGHT FOR THE ALLIANCE
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    • Home sec is part of the leadership, the standard must be higher than the normal ones
      I have been working with many low TS leadership, most of them will be inactive. To avoid this, I will look for the medium TS to high TS. These ones are dedicated, experienced and have known enough to maintain the rank. Moreover, 3 slots in the leadership are full of people with sense of humor, talking too serious may cause the unpleasing to each side
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    • Summer War 2014
      big plan, big show

      Big recruitment from 18 Feb to the end of March 2014
      Need more fighters for Summer War. The more experience you are, the bigger the chance you have to be in the elite group -big honor, working dependently from the general, totally supported from standard fighter group, the choice to set your own team, can switch rank if you want to be in goldmode easily.

      You are gold stocker? Come here quick, you can help small members and other members with gold and boost the spirit of alliance, dont just think you are just a builder and can help with economic problems, you are also the spine of the alliance. Yes, you, I want you.

      The Windy guy gonna use some tricks and set fire to the rain
      No one
    • Mizukage wrote:

      declare on HOR. We insist.

      Hashirama wrote:

      Oh no, I won't try on with the Horde

      Go for it hashi , they are just a bunch of farms that KB kicked out of NE anyway.. :D I mean Laine EM and Mizu in leadership... No wonder they have the no scrubs allowed policy, I mean since all those spots are all ready taken :P

      Anyway if Laine dont publicly appologise for making fun of me, because Canada got lucky for once and won the olympic final in hockey against weeeners vikings. Then I will declare war and farm both him and his neighbour Sidney Crosby!!! :(

      Sig made by the awesome lady of lost. Thanks Svana :love:

      If life is a waste of time and time is a waste of life, then lets get wasted and have the time of our lives.

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