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    • Piracy raids and rewards


      When attacking the pirate fortress, a raid will collect all capture points. The makes the attackee get very frustrated, having put in a lot of work to get their capture points and build up their crew strength. This "all or nothing" mode is too simplistic.

      Possible Solution:

      Have different defense and offense modes (in gaming: a paper/rock/scissors model) to determine the outcome of a raid. The player will select a defense mode for their pirate fortress (I would make it per fortress, but per player is ok). The attacker chooses an offense mode when raiding.

      The attacker's offense mode and the defender's defense mode would be compared, and along with the difference in crew strength and the random adjustment, a chance for raid success would be determined.


      Source Code

      1. (This board's implementation put the words "Source Code" there. Yuck.)
      2. Base Chance of Raid Success:
      3. Offense
      4. Defense E F G H
      5. A 100% 0% 50% 75%
      6. B 75% 100% 0% 50%
      7. C 50% 75% 100% 0%
      8. D 0% 50% 75% 100%

      This is an example. There could be more modes. Choose your own names for the different defense and offense modes (e.g. spears/cannons/long guns/sneak attack/ambush/power rush/etc.).

      This table can also be used to adjust the rewards. If a raid only has a 50% chance of being successful, perhaps the attackers cannot penetrate to the stronghold, and therefore cannot get as many capture points.

      Another suggested way to adjust the rewards is by looking at the difference in crew strength. If the crew strength is similar, the number of crew left after the battle may not be able to carry as many goods out of the fortress. A stronger crew will win the battle more quickly and have more time and crew to get goods out. I would also apply a random chance such as there is for the raid to adjust the rewards also.


      Implementation is straightforward, doesn't use extra server resources. It's only a further calculation.
      Some new database fields are required, and some small UI changes.


      Still way too much luck involved. Some method that involved more strategy would be better.
    • Pirate Warehouse

      I am suggesting this because I feel the piracy game needs some type of strategy other than just going on runs and immediately converting the points into crew strength (until the last day).

      So I'm proposing what if you had another choices with your capture points: Convert points into some type of "pirate warehouse" that protects a certain amount of capture points.

      Since 10 capture points = 1 crew strength
      Then 10 Capture Points = 1 safe capture points. (or even something like 50 CP = 1 Safe CP)

      To preemptively answer the debate: Yes, this will create strategy because you can either JUST focus on warehouse, JUST focus on crew strength, or mix it up. But choose wisely, because if you are not building up your crew strength then you can be an easy target, it just won't be as detrimental (and ultimately, finding the right balance of mixing it up is the way to go).

      Another aspect is that this will even the playing field for "weaker" players that want participate in pirate raids. Let's be honest, if you are just starting out, there is absolutely no way you can compete against some of the bigger players / alliances. Why would you pick on somebody bigger than you and just to run the risk of being pillaged back real resources.

      This new idea would allow somebody to build up their pirate warehouse and then when the last day comes, if they get raided they will still have SOMETHING saved; perhaps just enough to get into the top 50!
    • Hi ryan,

      Thank you for your suggestion, however we will have to deny it due to the following dead end idea:

      Any suggestion that would completely nullify the need to have/use anything currently in the game.
      If your suggest removes the purpose of an aspect of the game - removing the need for it - it ruins game balance.

      • Suggesting "better" stats for low units
        Low units are supposed to be low units. They cost relatively little to obtain/maintain, and are designed as filler until you advance enough to build something better. Suggesting a "better unit" which has no abilities not already represented by another pre-existing, higher-end unit is an exercise in futility.

      • Suggesting a new unit/building that removes the need for another pre-existing unit/building
        The whole game is deliberately balanced. Make sure your proposed unit or building does not upset that balance by being too powerful or not having a drawback of some kind.

      • Anything that similarly disrupts game balance
        This includes suggestions for game-play features only useful for new players, since the suggestion becomes obsolete as the player progresses.

      The pirate game is designed to be an all or nothing game. It is also designed to encourage the most active players. Adding a storage space for capture points would nullify this design.

      Do not meddle with dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup.
      :turkeydance: I'm just a small turkeh, how much trouble could I get into? :turkeydance:
    • Temple of Athene: Piracy Feature

      So, I started the game on an island with a rather underwhelming wonder: the Temple of Athene. In fact, I feel as though its usefulness is nullified by the fact that people can build 4 warehouses in their towns, and by the superior colossus wonder. However, I understand that this wonder may be more useful for larger players who chose to construct only 1 warehouse and thus may want to increase resource protection during the day of a palace upgrade. So, my suggestion is to add a feature to the Temple of Athene which will make it more appealing to smaller players while also adding a new dynamic to piracy.
      (New feature in bold)

      1+40% secure resources in all warehouses; 2000 capture points protected1D7D
      2+80% secure resources in all warehouses; 4000 capture points protected1D7D
      3+160% secure resources in all warehouses; 6000 capture points protected1D7D
      4+240% secure resources in all warehouses; 8000 capture points protected1D7D
      5+400% secure resources in all warehouses; 10000 capture points protected1D7D

      I choose the number of capture of points based off of several pirate rounds I observed in the Boreas server. 10000 capture points did not usually bring anyone into the top 50 on the highscore list, but usually between rank 50 and 100. In this sense, 10000 should be enough to maintain competitiveness in the highscore list, but not automatically ensuring one's position. Of course, this conclusion is flawed as it only really relates to newer serves like Boreas which is why I placed it in the brainstorming section to see if anyone can give feedback as to how many capture points should be protected.

      All in all, I see advantages as:
      • Increasing utility of the Temple of Athene wonder.
      • Encouraging players to utilize the Temple of Athene wonder for an advantage in piracy (though not gamebreaking).
      • Creating an opportunity for a smaller, active players to be more competitive in piracy.
      while potential disadvantages includes:
      • May be abused in early servers where 10000 capture points translates to assured higher ranking
      • May discourage raiding other players if feature is abused
      And that is all! Ultimately, do you guys think it will help bolster the Temple of Athene's popularity as a wonder? Do you think the number of capture points protected is balanced in relation to the level of the miracle? :beer:

      Thanks to Ratna for the fantastic sig!