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    Ikariam team

    • Trade requests should be posted in the Diplomacy section of the world you're playing. I used to see these a long time ago (like in 2008), but haven't seen many since then. Part of the problem was that very few people who might be interested in/able to trade with you would actually read the thread. I've played on old worlds so maybe it's different on younger worlds, but I doubt it.

      You're probably better off advertising in game to your neighbors and contacting alliances asking them to advertise to their members.
    • besides that

      If you are advertising what you have available for are broadcasting what you have available for pillage.

      automeris wrote:

      And I will tell you, I bet most of the people who have left, and many staying including myself, will NEVER try out another gameforge game. I have already looked at games on the web and just closed the browser window when I saw that GF was involved. One experience with this management style is enough for a lifetime.

    • It sounds like what you really want to do is barter. There are dangers in that such as getting banned for pushing because a larger player did not send an equal amount of goods back to you within 48 hours.

      My suggestion is to message players on the Trader Highscore. When you get a reply, you have a Trade Treaty with that player. I would price goods at the lowest price limit of the two resources(ie. price limit of wine is 10, price limit of marble 15 so you both price goods at 10). This allows your partner to take longer than 48 hours to fulfill the agreement, the high price will deter someone from interfering in the transaction, and if he welches you at least get something other than the shaft. If you don't get any takers for equal goods and gold, you have some wiggle room to sweeten the deal. Just remember each player has to send trade ships to pick up goods as the Trade Treaty bridges the distance for sell offers NOT buy offers.

      When you pm them, you may want to ask which resources they like to sell. You can keep the information for future reference to be able to always have the resources you need!

      I do what I am suggesting. This is why I built a 1M+ account under godly protection AND have held the #1 Trader position for almost the entirety of 3.5 years.

      KAPZ will not stop until the whole of Alpha is free from BP Piracy rules. This is a matter of principles. It is up to BP to stop imposing their unfair rules which they don't follow.

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    • no i don't want barter
      i'm just looking for a huge amount of marble in rho whether it's exchanging or buying n i didn't know where to announce it
      btw my market is lvl 16 and still can get nothing
      ika is really dead because of this stupid piracy