Abandoning Colonies While Occupied

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    • Abandoning Colonies While Occupied

      How many of you out there have become furious when occupying a colony and the player just abandon it? I know I have and would like to have this addressed. Now I think this goes to the same effect that we can't overtake another players colony so if we're in their colony and they want to destroy it we are sent back home. I understand that, as occupiers, we don't have exclusive rights to that colony, but we have put in the effort to control it, if only temporarily, and shouldn't be punished if they want to run.

      You may ask, when would this come in to play? It comes in to play during mobile colony dropping within the piracy game. Top piracy players drop mobiles that can't be touched, essentially, b/c of their purpose for being there. There is nothing you can do to deter them from heading your way when there should be. If I have ships or troops in your colony then you should not be able to abandon it so easily (not at all in my opinion) without taking the proper steps to fight back.

      Not having the ability to abandon when occupied will provide a few things:

      1. You will have to send troops or ships with your mobile colony (causing extra effort and planning when dropping a raid mobile).
      2. More loading time and travel time depending on what you send with the colony.

      It simply makes no sense to have a colony occupied and they just press a button and poof, they're gone. I would propose never being able to abandon a colony under occupying circumstances, but my guess is that would be too harsh of a change, so my end result idea would be to impose a time of 48 hours from the time you hit the abandon button to the time it takes for your colony to actually leave, if occupied. This would not change the abandon time if you aren't occupied.

      NOTES: I am a player who drops mobiles everyday to gain piracy points and not a bitter leech or feeder who can't defend himself. At any rate I think this will improve the piracy feature of gathering points by providing more planning on the attackers side and a safety on the defenders side rather than the lopsided result we have right now. I know personally I would not raid certain players on my servers that I raid continually now if they could lock my mobile down for 48 hours.

      Please rate and comment!

      Thank you!
    • To play devil's advocate, I'm going to dole out a little knowledge on the masses....

      You already can lock down a mobile as long as you desire, without them having the ability to abandon. By sending raids from 2 different players at the mobile's fortress, this eliminates the option of abandoning. time your long raids just right and they will constantly have an incoming raid, thus forcing them to stay.

      I won't go into more detail than that. If you can't figure out the strategy...... :borg:
    • Explain then how that helps smaller players? It doesn't, which is the goal.

      You can do your strategy with a well organized alliance and high level PF's.

      I'd ask you to think in the sense of a long term game in which players want to stay and don't get driven out by big piracy alliances. I'm a very active raider myself (as you know) so this would effect me, but don't think selfish, think smarter.
    • Thinking outside the box a bit, I'm unsure that this would be a resolution at any point. As everybody should know, deleting a colony with units in it will permanently delete those units. So let's say that you have a raid that's over a day away, so you turn the Poseidon wonder on, use more trade ships for transport, spend 6 ambrosia on tritons, and you get out there in x amount of hours.
      Then you do your raid, and at the same time, you get blocked, and locked down in this scenario.
      You can't use tritons to get your military out there, Poseidon is likely on cool down (given that you don't have perma-dolly), then your units have to load up, and spend over a day to go out there. You would have to find a city near that mobile (If there is one) to go to without alerting the occupant, before actually sending to your city, then after you free the occupation, you have to load your military back up in a city that has no trading ports if you sent from another island, and your mobile is the only city on an island.
      That could take hours depending on the size of your army that you sent. Then to prevent your army from being deleted, you have to get your army out of that city, and by that time, somebody could have blockaded the port ten times over.
      Overall, this could take hours - days at a time just to free the city entirely, and some people would likely stop raiding altogether because of it. Smaller players would have no chance at all if a big player comes, and takes over the city with a somewhat massive army compared to their size.
      It pushes the strong to be stronger, and the weak to stay weaker.
      Piracy was built to be a game of chance, and equal opportunity. Of course, Gameforge likely overlooked the fact that people would give up permanent cities to have mobile fortresses, which gives some bigger players some advantages.
      I enjoy seeing people try to come up with some solutions to piracy, but unfortunately, this plan would be a hassle, and too flawed to succeed in the long run.

    • @Imp...I get your reasoning that this would make it harder (and almost impossible at some locations) to raid effectively based on your scenario as described but I don't get how it would make the stronger any stronger. Let's just take my good friend Cloyce as an example. He's a strong military guy and a great guy in general but if we send a mobile out to him, which I've done several times, and take his points his only defense is to move his PF to a different location and dodge me. He has no real means of fighting me off or preparing for me unless he recruits a massive group of feeders to build a massive crew before I get there. This is what I think needs changed to make the game as a whole better in the long run.

      The benefits of finishing in the top 50 are way to much to not at least attempt to play piracy. In this new server (Phi) it is even more evident as the ones who finish in the top are the same ones in the top of TS. As this continues we may be in the top 10 TS in the server, but the server continues to lose members and eventually will kill the server like many others and then what, we've then wasted a lot of time and effort on a dying server, we will be the ones responsible for killing it. My goal is to try and save the server which I think would be more beneficial in the end for everyone and the enjoyment of the game. If people can't compete with others b/c piracy is geared towards large organized groups then they will eventually quit b/c they realize that's the way to grow.

      Everyone that has responded so far has mentioned things that will effect them as negative things. Think about it yourself...yes we may suffer, but I think we could all finish in the top regardless, it just requires much more thought and sacrifice to send a mobile out. Right now, I don't think twice about it...I'll go, build my PF, raid then leave...nothing else is required, it's a thoughtless unplanned thing that's too easy and no real way for the others to defend themselves. Sure they can send a raid to hold you for a bit, but who cares? That's just a glitch in the game with no real consequences. Instead of defending our tactics as we play them now let's advance the game and improve it in the long run.
    • hahahaha, well I for one wouldnt mind this in the slightest. I get where you are coming from IMP, but I do think there should be at least some way for me to defend myself from you mean ex-barbies :P I like this idea, I think though that it might need to be reworked some. It could be something like because forces are occupying your city it will take X hours longer to abandon, maybe you could add some sort of clock to it?