Phoenician Merchant Ships

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    Ikariam team

    • Phoenician Merchant Ships

      Phoenician Merchant Ships start at the price of 74 ambro for one and go down to 9 ambro for one ?... why ?
      wouldn't it be more interesting for many people the other way around, motivating more people to get some, i mean we always saw cheap things have many buyers...

      check this, if you want to buy all 40 Phoenician ships you need 1,308 ambro :thumbdown:
      and only for the first 20 ships you need to pay 917 ambro
      if it was the other way around, the first 20 ships would cost 391 ambro... would get more people interested. ^^
    • Unfortunately this falls under the following Dead End idea:

      Anything that gives away a pay-to-use (P2P) option for free
      • Plus feature(s)
        Some users want to access the convenient features of Ikariam Plus, and pay real world money to do so. That is their choice. (That money goes towards the upkeep of the servers, so in essence they are paying for the bit of extra space taken up for them to have such features.) If you want to have those same features, you can buy them too.

      • Increased resource-gathering, Premium Trader
        Same as above. Extra resources and premium trades are not necessary to successfully play the game, but some players value these options and purchase Ambrosia to access them. (These players are not "cheaters" but are helping pay for upkeep of the servers, which YOU get to use for free.) Again, if you wish to have those bonus features, you can purchase Ambrosia.

      The existing pricing structure is set up intentionally to make the marginal cost of each additional ship go down - with the purpose of giving users the incentive to buy 1 more ship. Also please keep in mind that suggestions is mainly for suggesting NEW features to the game, not to make existing features cheaper/or given for free.

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