Offensive point contest

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    Ikariam team

    • Offensive point contest

      You can see some of the details on the phi spam boards under "here is an idea..." This contest is currently (or very soon) going to run on Phi, the ultimate plan is to run it on every server going up the list until alpha. The reward to the winner will be a 10 euro coupon for ambrosia. Some details are as follows:

      • 1vs1 only
      • Cannot attack inactive playes
      • Must not have more then the maximum military set for that server
      • Offensive gained during the contest will determine a winner.

      Of course all ikariam standard rules apply anyone who cheats will be automatically disqualified.

      Questions? Ideas?

    • PVP :love:

      suggestion: instead of setting the MS down at 2k; would you mind categorizing the participating players into different groups according to their scientific development; i.e. heavy weights as opposed to light weights :D
    • well the problem with the contest as I see it is this. A lot of the more active players are well above the average MS of the server. This is probably not as much of a problem in older servers but on PHI I bet the avg MS of the top 250 players is well above 2.5k MS (I know that if my MS didnt have to be so low then I would have 100% joined)