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Ikariam team

  • You decide! Which feature should be in next version.

    Dear community,

    we'd like to give you - the players - more say in what will be in upcoming versions of Ikariam!

    In order to do so we will make a user vote once a month giving you the choice between 3 features. The winning feature will be included in the next update. This vote takes place once a month in ALL Ikariam communities, meaning: all votes will be summed up and added to the global vote result.

    The two features that didn't manage to win the poll will not be discarded though, they get thrown back in our pool of features destined to be voted for and will be part of one of the next votes.

    And these are the 3 options:

    1. Resource quicklinks
    The resources in the resource overview will be linked to the corresponding resource gathering place. So clicking on the icon/number for crystal will bring you directly to the crystal mine and so on. If you are currently on an island where $resource doesn't exist there's no link ofc.

    2. Indicator for wine consumption
    The tool tip for the resource wine will be improved by adding the current wine consumption of the city you're currently in.

    3. Alliance members' offers are marked in the trading post
    Offers of members of your alliance will be marked in the trading post so you can distinguish them from other players' offers.

    Please be aware that once you've cast your vote you can not change it anymore so think twice before you decide which option to vote for.

    You have the chance, you have the choice! Take the weel and cast your vote!

    Your Ikariam Team

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  • I see only three choices... Why do we always have to vote for and get one of the choices presented? There should be a choice for : NONE of The above.

    Just saying ....... because it looks like we will get one choice whether or not we want it.

    I do like the wine offer though... I just don't like being asked to choose between items that maybe no one wants. With a forth (NONE of the Above) we find out if any ot them are worth while.

    Just saying....
    Tranquility OR Danger
    You choose

  • Gold Pillaging, none of those interest me
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    This post has already been reported, they said "That's ALPHA for ya"
  • Really, you ask about these three ridiculous choices? Fix the mobile app. Bring back gold pillaging. No one cares about the stuff gameforge brings us. For a game designed to make money, they are surprisingly ignorant to the pulse of the players.
  • This is a start. Better that than nothing no?
    And no one want them? The three of them were suggestions made on ikariam boards and appproved by the community. They did not took them out of nowhere :)
  • All of these updates are relatively useless.

    The least useless however, is the wine consumption indicator. I semi-routinely have to click through all of my town's taverns whenever I want to analyze to assure my production covers my consumption.

    However, if I could recommend how to improve the consumption indicator.

    In addition to displaying the current consumption/ hour, you would also show the time left until wine runs out at current consumption.

    For example, if a town has 90,000 wine in it, and consumption is 300 wine / hour, it would show this:

    300 / hour ; 12 days 12 hours

    This little added feature might make this new addition actually meaningful to players, and it won't impinge on the Ambrosia overview that paid users have for monitoring their wine consumption, still offering a reason to purchase the overviews.

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  • a 4th choice of none of the above would provide a clearer choice

    even if none was linked to you can vote none of the above but you must choose 1 of the above as well. Of course that sort of choosing would send many people through the roof as well.

    I do understand that GM wouldn't want to take away from their premium offers of course. So how about bringing gold pillaging back at a randome hour every month. This way its not abused much and everyone has a chance to get real booty that is fun in the greedy :dash: human mind. :stick:
  • Vote for NONE OF THE ABOVE!!

    Vote for GOLD PILLAGING.

    In addition how about a VOTE for: Gold Spent Repairing your towns after an enemy attacks them?

    We have to use "Mortars" or Cats and rams to knock down the town walls, then we use "Bombs", "Guns" , Gyros, Hops and swords in big battles and there is no damage to the town/city?? That makes no sense. In any war or attack there is always damage. There are lots of players who have accumulated hundreds of millions in GOLD, and several who have accumulated over a billion in GOLD. Players should be forced to pay some of that gold to have each town that falls under attack "repaired" and if not then their towns suffer reduced benefits and capacities until they do.
  • If none of the above is interesting for you yhen don't vote. But don't compkain afterwards that GF is not listening and do not implement suggestions made by users and that your voice do not count.
  • Game Ops: What suggestion are you hearing most out of these responses? Dont complain that we are complaining, when a deaf ear is being turned. As usual...
  • Ahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    Gameforge never lets us down. :lol:

    Gold pillaging. Bring it back. It's so freaking simple. YOU WOULD MAKE SO MANY PEOPLE HAPPY YOU GF RETARDS.

    Edited to add: this is directed at the ignoramuses who work at Gameforge and make decisions about the game. Not the game staff at .com who are all super sexy. :love:
    "It is the nature of stars to cross"

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