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Ikariam team

  • I'm so shocked at GF, this game is dying. Instead of offering us something that we could really use, something that might bring people back. We get stupid ideas like this. I guess they really don't care if they stay in business or not. I'm not voting, all of these options are pointless. :monster:
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  • The Remote Kingtroller wrote:

    I vote for one more spot to build in each city.
    Excellent Idea .. They keep giving us more buildings to erect, (Black Market) but nowhere to put them.

    Lets see now.. We have several good choices that GF hasn't used.

    O None of the above.

    O Gold pillaging

    O More spaces for buildings in each town

    O Ability to distroy buildings in each town you attack in war.

    O Allow Pirate Fortress building space to be used for other buildings instead.

    Can we come up with more? I think we can

    Tranquility OR Danger
    You choose

  • Ok, so rather than idly complain about what we're being offered, let's stop a moment and think about this.

    I am thinking that:

    a.) all of these things are coded already. They wouldn't offer it if it weren't possible, and the easiest way to know that is to code it.


    b.) These are probably already implemented, only requiring a switch to be thrown.


    c.) this is likely just an exercise in community building to see how useful this is to keep us interested in the boards and the game.


    d.) This is also probably a simple way to test the waters (and setting the stage) for bigger stuff down the road (look at all those idioms : ) - businesses typically start with small stuff before they go to the more difficult or complex.,

    Anyway, first I was going to vote for what I am guessing was the more difficult thing to code (adding alliance info to the tradepost), in the hopes that the easier stuff would come later, but based on my thought process above, meh.

    And with that in mind, we should have an "all of the above" option : )

    Oh and speaking of what I'd like to see on the next poll, how about implementing one of the older approved greasemonkey scipts (Since we've been advised to not use greasemonkey anymore) -


    I really really really miss my hammers : )
  • Sucky Choices

    I know Ryoko has already drunk the Kool-Aid; but I don't believe actual game players came up with these horrible choices.
    If GF wants to kill the game, just pull the plug.

    So, NO! I'm not voting for any of the above. Because to vote for one sucky choice is basically okaying all 3 and the questionable procedures by which they came up with them.

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  • Why would anyone ask for 'none of the above'? These are not game changers. They are expedients that make current game play easier.

    You can get 2 of the 3 items by installing 'ikariam enhanced UI' script for greasemonkey.

    All of the above changes can be done with 2 or 3 lines of code. The links to the mines are simple hyperlinks... 2 minutes of work. Why this voting farce? Just do the things and fire the marketing/community squid who dreamed this up.

    If I had my choice of a simple game improvement (that didn't change game dynamics) then I would request that the oh so annoying thumb tab things on the left and right of the UI (friends list, fire troops, troops in town) would STOP MOVING IN AND OUT when you hover over it. There can't be more than 1 percent of users who actually touch the screen to play so don't use touch screen dynamic for the buttons and maybe I will have less seizures.

    Or how about a top level Group Message button instead of the moronic maze of UI elements that you have to navigate just to talk with your alliance. (this is also supplied with 'ikariam enhanced UI' script) Or how about making the alliance member list 1 click instead of 3 clicks with each in its own demented UI section completely different than the one before.

    Or how about a simple MUTE button so that we can self govern our player interactions instead of having to rely on some random (and often illiterate) volunteer to sit in judgement.

    I have never seen a game turn out good that was made by committee. A strong game should have a strong vision of what it wants to be and not be a hodge-podge of afterthoughts and community votes. Imagine trying to draw a picture with 10 others voting on how you move the pencil. It just makes a mess.

    I better stop now and get back to work making my own games. No more free cookies for gameforge to ignore! :oops:
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  • none of the above

    Fix the mobile app. It wasn't broken, then Gameforge "improved" it and broke it two different ways.

    In the legacy version, scrolling remains very awkward. Worse, when the bonuses, special offers and etc. pop up, it's impossible to reply or close these screens. They get in the way.

    In the new and improved, improved mobile app, it still doesn't have a lot of the features that used to be part of the legacy app or the "improved" but impossible to scroll version that replaced it.

    No, I won't be buying any ambrosia any time soon. I used to buy some, then the game was improved, so I didn't want to buy any more.

  • I dont see the reason why ANYONE would argue for a None of the above, That's just plain stupid :dash:
    Personally I would like to see a "all of the above" option

    Sure they could have done more, but they ARE planning to do more.
    In order to do so we will make a user vote once a month giving you the choice between 3 features. The winning feature will be included in the next update. This vote takes place once a month in ALL Ikariam communities, meaning: all votes will be summed up and added to the global vote result.
    Im gonna be grateful that there is gonna be a new update and that the community has some say into whats going in it :thumbup:
  • Here are my thoughts.

    1- Of the listed options, wine consumption is my favorite as it can help lessen the time it takes to calculate approximately how long your wine will last.

    2- Showing a special indicator that someone in the trading post is an alliance member would be nice so you could help them out more often.

    3- I would've like the option to choose which ones we liked allowing us to pick 1,2, or all 3.

    4- I personally don't like the resource hyperlink. I think I'd find it annoying to keep shifting screens just because I wanted to check how much I have, produce an hour, and the storage space left. It's the only one I think would be detrimental to gameplay, but as it has votes, could someone please explain the pros behind it?

    5- There was an idea mentioned to improve the wine consumption earlier in this thread where it would also tell you how much longer the current wine stock would last. I think an additional thing to add to that would be a town message alerting you when a town only has 1 day's worth of wine left.

    6- Although two of the ideas we were able to vote from are ones I like, I'll be honest none of them really excite me at all. They're kind of like: "eh, that would be nice, I guess," I would've liked some more dynamic options. Gold pillaging for example, though I've never played Ikariam with that, sounds interesting. I also find a repair cost to walls intriguing, but I do see how it could become extremely annoying to those just starting out that get pillaged a ton.

    To those that are saying that they want the mobile app fixed as you say. I just started using the mobile, (only in terms of a new account on a server I didn't play) and I'll agree that in comparison to the full version, it sucks. That said, GameForge probably does that by design because of a pesky creature called the multi-accounter. I'm not a GF staff and am hjjust speculating but think about it, in the rules it states that you must notify a GO that you'll be using your cell phone to access the game because a GO could mistake you for a shared account due to the oftentimes far away IP addresses. If you got someone that made a whole new account on a cell phone with all the abilities of the full version, they'd be an undetectable multi. Hence GF will never (in my option) put in features that would allow a multi-accounter.

    Heather wrote:

    But baka, how can you be the cop if you're not playing?

    HaNs Na MiTrAljEzU wrote:

    But then again, knowing Kaleg, it could also mean we're all screwed later.
  • 1) fix the mobile app ...its been years in the making, it does not look good that it is still less than 70% functional. Not looking good breeds a perspective that the game is dead, and they will not invest time or money into a game that is dead.

    2) since we know multi accounting can't be stopped (anyone with a phone already knows this) and since on any new server there is a big push of multi accounts (which thankfully they seem to die away rapidly) just eliminate the rule. Instead focus on how you can capitalize from it. I personally would love to try some ideas out thing is for certain, you could get your servers populated again and you will get a ton of ambrosia purchases with it. It is like gun control, if you are unable to stop the bad from occurring, then at least arm the good with an equal chance.

    3) remove the market controls, if not totally than at least raise the caps. 15/unit is too low a cap. Raise it to 35 and see how the servers flow...if you need to make adjustments in the future, you are not going anywhere so there will be nothing stopping you, but it is easy to see markets have died since the caps have been in place, raising the caps could bring about a return.

    4) create a work around for pushing. Instead of banning players for their lack of timing or math comprehension, give them a tool to be able to tag a shipment as being a payment for an ongoing debt...if that debt exceeds a certain amount, then all resources of the empire will be confiscated to pay off that debt starting with the highest gold valued resource continuing til the debt is zero'd out. Instead of it being a black and white, higher or lower TS value, make it a range of TS value, such as anyone within 20% of your TS is considered an equal so no pushing considered. Letting players organize and dictate their own payment methods and values.

    5) speed elements of the game up that have no advantage in keeping makes no sense to offer a bomber wave less time to occur from off island than on island...give us a land based unit movement speed increase like sea based units are. Default loading times should be corrected to take less time, especially in a foreign port Over all travel time needs to be reduced...require 2+ days to move across the map is ridiculous and creates sub sections of each server, which may work ok when there is a highly populated server but compounds the dislike of not so high populated servers where you really need the world to shrink to be active enough to keep the remaining players entertained.

    6) bring back some form of gold pillaging. Let there be an actual mechanism to establish a forced capitulation to terms...maybe make that the extra benefit to writing a DOW, replacing the old incentive of bashing rule being lifted with the new incentive that during war gold is pillaged. Then mark all inactives with a gold pillage active state. To counter the bully aspect this is feared to create, let GOs and Mods determine if the Terms posted are reasonable before approving the war.

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  • Need more building slots

    I'd like to see more building slots, this new version has at least TWO buildings which would be usefull, library and steam baths, plus
    forester`s house and dump i can't do and a hideout in every city isn't possible unless you demolish something.
    But nice to see the game being added to.
  • Tulip: "I'd like to see more building slots, this new version has at least TWO buildings which would be usefull, library and steam baths"

    While agree with you that more buildings spots would be nice. It was my understanding that the new version you refer to was an April Fool's Day joke.

    Heather wrote:

    But baka, how can you be the cop if you're not playing?

    HaNs Na MiTrAljEzU wrote:

    But then again, knowing Kaleg, it could also mean we're all screwed later.
  • The three options given for voting are all ...meh. I couldn't care less about any of them. :unsure:

    If you really want to encourage people to play this game, fix the app so that people playing from mobile devices actually CAN play. I have seen far too many teammates leave the game because their phones were their only access to the game. :tearup:

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  • Wow, these new features are earth shattering.
    I wonder could we vote on something that made a difference?

    There was an April Fools joke going around that had quite a number of excellent ideas.

    Perhaps someone should be looking at that?
    Someone took a few moments to assemble a significant idea list.
  • While I've been reading through the comments here - I'd like to point out something. The reason these suggestions are kind of "meh" is because yep they're exceedingly small tweaks. This is on purpose. The explanation here is that it's impossible for the game developers to take something that takes a lot more R&D (like gold pillaging - this was removed for a reason. and things like additions in the mobile app and building spaces have repercussions on game design and speed/functionality) and give it to you next update - all of these poll features can be delivered on. It's not a case of ignoring the larger concepts like gold pillaging (which does, btw exists on the war server hosted on .en if anyone really wants for that era back again), it's a matter of giving players the instant gratification. Yes they are small tweaks - but they are in fact widely suggested from all communities, and can be done right now - not at some undisclosed time in the future.

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  • Turkeh,

    You seem like a reasonable person, and I understand you do not have access to the inner workings of Gameforge, but I feel the need to express/ask these points regarding the Mobile App.

    The App has been out for a while and those who primarily play via smartphone still have to play a combination of incomplete app and crappy legacy web version. Simply put, we can not play the game as it could or should be played. When the App was released and support was dropped for the web interface, we were promised the App would be fixed "soon". I was dubious, but I was willing to Gameforge some time to fix some massively lacking aspects of the App, such as buildings you could not use, in this "soon" timeframe. While, I acknowledge some things have been fixed, there is still a lot that is broken and "soon" is long past. How hard is it let us activate Wonders via he App? How many hours of coding does it take to sync the CR clock with the world clock?

    It is incredibly frustrating to see Gameforge implementing another update to the full version and asking us our opinions about these minor features when there are longstanding, known problems with the App which they have not addressed and, to my knowledge, have never given a timeframe for fixing them beyond "soon".

    I have purchased Ambrosia in the past. I will not consider purchasing any more until Gameforge listens to these concerns and fixes the App. If Gameforge is in the business of trying to make money, maybe that is what they need to hear.

    I don't expect you to have any influence on what Gameforge does, but if you can pass these sentiments on to someone who can pass them on to someone who has some decision making power, please do.

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  • Ok, Turkeh, I'll bite.

    Here's a list of three that should take minimal coding, and have passed in the suggestions thread in the past, but which GF never accepted:

    1.) place a third seashore space. They're obviously planning for it anyway, that can be seen by merely looking at the current background in town view. This would be useful not just because of multiple tradeport possibilities, but also due to another suggestion which passed in the past: allow warehouses (and dumps) to be built in seashore building spaces.

    2.) Allow more customisation of the alliance leadership posts: In particular, the home secretary could be eliminated as a post. The leader should get alliance application requests. The ability to view alliance members' total resources, and to view total military, and to edit the internal alliance page and to edit the external alliance page should each be assignable. This could be done either as individual assignations on the assign posts page, or done as assignable through the custom membership ranks to anyone of such a rank, or some combination thereof.

    3.) Allow bold and italic in messages. this should be simple, just add 2 more fonts: a bold version and an italic version. (And if a third wingding style font could be added as well, all the better : )

    You can try to tell me that #1 has balancing issues, and I'll ask you where and how?

    You can try to tell me that #2 isn't possible due to some technical restriction, but I'll have a hard time believing that.

    From what I can tell, #3 may be the most work to code, but yet even it is presumably something fairly simple.

    But this is just pie in the sky atm...

    I have serious doubts that such things will ever get implemented.